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Oriana Curls: ‘Love me Hurt me’ [pop, jazz, world]

Oriana Curls: ‘Love me Hurt me’ [pop, jazz, world]

orianaorianaEffortlessly fusing jazz and pop into a vibrant flow, ‘Love me Hurt me’ is a song about choosing to walk away from love and the heart break of an ill-fated romance by London based French singer and songwriter Oriana Curls. Her classical training and French background come into play from the song’s introduction reminiscent of the Wild West to the accordion laced chorus which has catchy lyrics and melody. The song has a musically vintage feel with Curls’ unique French touch.

The well crafted lyrics are beautifully and creatively written taking the listener through a love journey culminating in an acceptance of the ill-fate of the said love. Beginning by stating all the faults that were not noticed before in the object of her love she proceeds to declare that “that if you want to leave me do it now and I am going to find myself so that I can love someone else.” Unlike most contemporary jazz songs on love gone wrong, ‘Love me Hurt me’ has very empowering lyrics on moving on and happiness like Kelly Clarkson’s global hit ‘Stronger’. The words are perfect for her sultry voice delivered meticulously.

Oriana Curls’ impressive four octave range is in full display in the song rising to sweet heights from sultry depths with perfect modulation that comes from both talent and experience. The song features a smooth build up to the chorus giving it a natural feel. The blend of music that would have otherwise been expected to feel out of sync and unconventional proves to be completely compatible. The unique approach and her very distinctive sound makes the song enjoyable by an almost universal audience. In contrast to her previous songs in which her impressive voice is only accompanied by a piano, ‘Love me Hurt me’ is more fun thanks to more pop and complexity. The song evokes many emotions moving from sad and depressed to care free, independent and happy.

The rich blend of music results in a soulful song with a very dance-able beat that can be enjoyed over and over again without creating boredom and monotony. Listening to ‘Love me Hurt me’ is different from listening to contemporary jazz pop songs due to the eclectic blend of music styles from the fast beat of the chorus, the jazzy singing to the masterful violin playing. The song has gathered much acclaim and receives frequent radio airplay. Curls’ is currently recording her much anticipated first album. Just like Oriana Curls, the song ,Love me Hurt me’ cannot be forgotten easily.


Oriana Curls is a french singer-songwriter based in London. She’s currently gigging all around London and is working on her first album with multi instrumentalist producer Koby Israelite (John Zorn, Madonna) and Grammy Award winning producer Helik Hadar based in LA. The album will include elements of world, pop and jazz music. She has just released her first music video ‘Love me Hurt me’.

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