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Before Perils – Escape to Reality

Before Perils – Escape to Reality

Album CoverAlbum CoverBefore Perils introduces itself as an instrumental acoustic fusion band that has given to a new sound of originality. While that claim is certainly debatable in the face of so many new and upcoming artists, Jon Napoles and the gang is never short on twists and turn in their music, keeping each available track on their Soundcloud page a fresh deviation from what can be typically expected by acoustic guitar-pushed music in contemporary musicianship.

The major cord strumming and predictable progressions of the mainstream are forsaken for a time travel back to the middle. “Four” goes straight for a startling flurry of gypsy-tinged renaissance flair, led by a ceaseless violin that would make Paganini blush. Lingering constantly in violin territory, the strumming of acoustic guitars and the abrasive tapping of percussion causes the retention of a frantic and dramatic atmosphere. The theatrical journeys through violin and plucked guitar strings evoke the times of kings and queens and peasants.

The formula that Before Perils use in their composition is noticeably homogenous, causing the track to become a bit of a blur. But the novelty and intrigue that they capture in each song are more than enough to make them stand out and become a point of interest to anyone exploring one of the more neglected areas of musicianship and sounds. Before Perils is the perfect soundtrack for midnight masquerades, sacking a village, or travelling through barren lands.

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Together this band has given birth to a new sound of originality, they take Acoustic Music to a new realm, cross-fusion styles of all 4 members mold into a refined, mature sound of beauty, yet beastly power! Jon Napoles – Acoustic Guitar….Benjamin Napoles – Lead Acoustic Guitar…Lianna Tao Hua Stuart – Angelic Violin…Edson Lopez – Cajon/Percussion.  Jon and Ben have been in a Heavy rock project with Edson Lopez on Drum Kit, called God’s and King’s and Lianna is a gentle being from a classical background…Together they are a group to be reckoned with.

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