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Peter Michel (Hibou) – “Hollow”

Peter Michel (Hibou) – “Hollow”

Like rays of sunshine coming in through blinds in the morning or being lost in the dreamy haze of a summer afternoon, “Hollow” starts with a mellow orchestration of synth before breaking into a playful melody of jumping keys and a shoegaze-tinged guitar riffs. The duet of high and distant vocals is an ethereal trance, simultaneously hushed and extraverted to create a mesmerizing contrast to the cheery beat underneath the layers.

It is astounding to learn that Hibou mastermind, 19-year-old Peter Michel of Seattle, recorded this song in his room; it has all the production quality and space of a high-quality recording studio. “Hollow” is at crossroads of a mellow electronic dance music track and a surreal airy flow, a fusion that evokes a vague post-rock atmosphere while still bringing itself down to Earth without any bombastic overbites or tasteless self-indulgence.

This is just a sampling of what Michael has created, with his background as a drummer for Craft Spells and a tour schedule spanning North America. “Hollow” displays a fine ear for subtlety, hooks, and atmosphere, and it never loses sight of any of them or lets one overpower the other two. A full-length album or an EP worth of music such as this would be blissful ear candy in its purest form.

Peter Michel aka Hibou Bio

Peter Michel is an 19 year old Seattle Resident who creates music under the alias Hibou. Michel toured North America and Europe as the drummer of Captured Tracks’ band Craft Spells. After a year of non-stop touring, the high school student felt his life with the band had ran its course, and that it was time to begin creating his own music. Michel began experimenting with different sounds, revising his recycled songs, as well as making completely new material. In January 2013 he released a few songs, and soon after received press recognition and positive feedback. Songs “Glow” and “Hollow” have already been featured on international websites and radio shows such as Sonic Playground, Dots and Dashes, The Line Best of Fit, Magicrpm, & Fractal Press. Michel is currently working on what may become an EP or an LP; either way there will be more music coming soon.

“I produce all my songs in my bedroom, using Reason, and some makeshift instruments/mics. Hollow is a love song aimed to sound dancy and ethereal.” – Amazing

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