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Plastic Yellow Band gives John Lennon a run for his money with “She’s My Woman” [ Alternative Rock]

Plastic Yellow Band gives John Lennon a run for his money with “She’s My Woman” [ Alternative Rock]

Gerald JenningsGerald JenningsWhat would it sound like if John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band had gotten their hands on some beefier guitar amplifiers and changed one word in their band’s name? You guessed it: You’d have yourself the Plastic Yellow Band. In their new single “She’s My Woman,” this South Carolina outfit proves John Lennon’s timelessness while adding flavor of their own locale.

Plastic Yellow Band sound isn’t just a Plastic Ono Band derivative. They also infuse other musical movements spawned from that era. For example, the song is introduced with a rhythm guitar riff that could have been written by a 90’s Britpop group. Once that part plays out for a few seconds, the southern influences start to bleed in through the husky slide guitars. After all the instruments are introduced, Gerry Jennings’ voice links it all back to Lennon. Not only does he deliver like Lennon, but he also uses the same microphone modulation effects.

Outside of the many respectable influences you can pick out, “She’s My Woman” is a straight rock song with its own purpose. The guitars are aggressive and driving: far more aggressive than any of the earlier-listed sources. At the same time, the familiar vocal imitation keeps the song from sounding too hard. All the band’s pieces work well in modernizing a classic sound (which will probably never go out of style). But in order to keep their own identity, the Plastic Yellow Band should continue adding newer elements. Otherwise, they will be in danger of becoming an unintentional cover band.

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Gerry Jennings is the songwriter, lead singer and producer for  Plastic Yellow Band. The band is modeled after Plastic Ono Band  created by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, in the sense that it is composed  of a songwriter/musician (in this case Gerry) and the various  musicians who join him at any given time to produce his original  music. At the core of the group are Gerry (vocals, guitar, keyboards),  Joe Hurt (bass), and Karl Derrick Tesch (drums). For the 2014 debut CD  “Breathe Air” the group included Josef Patchen (piano, keyboards) with  additional contributions by Dana Rideout (vocals), Joe Smith  (guitar/slide guitar), Clay Lee (guitar synth), and Charles Yang  (violin).


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