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ProbCause – Flex

ProbCause – Flex

They call him Colin -Probcause- Grimm. We call this Chicago based painter, a sleeping giant. Not only is he a performing artists, he hold a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) degree.

Bursting onto the Chicago music scene on “The Recipe EP,” Probcause’s single “Flex” is an aggressive rap across deep beats and crunchy rock n’ roll. The melding of rap, guitars, and distant synthesizers make it difficult to categorize Probcause’s sampling easily, but the single exemplifies finesse, confidence, and attitude that is missing from most of the mainstream’s brand of hip-hop.

With trudging beats and lyrics critical of society, “Flex” is groovy, dirty, and sexy—the heart of old-school hip-hop and the soul of a bluesy guitar solo, a match so perfect it’s a mystery why it isn’t tackled more often. Clocking in at 3:03, the single packs a lot of punch and attitude in its short runtime, providing a perfect knockout taste for all the promise and potential packed into Probcause and his EP.

The composition is subtle and distant while serving as the platform for the lyrical pummeling, but it still exemplifies an ear for complexity and intricacy—experimental in nature. Underground hip-hop has seen a lot of resurgence in retaliation in the face of the mainstream’s desecration of its name, and Probcause is more kindling to ignite embers in that cause and keep the spirit of breaking stereotypes and predictability alive

Artists like this are the one who deserve the spotlight, and yet they often times struggle with recognition,  but still manage to carry on with passion and fervor. Keep an eye out for this one.

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