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Pure Souls – Uganda, Africa

Pure Souls – Uganda, Africa

p-souls1p-souls1It is been said that music is the food of the soul. The truth about it is that it is not limited to language, race, religion or even culture.
If all these predictions are true, then the vessel to present such a message that touches the soul should be one who doesn’t see things from the negative view.

In Uganda an east African country, you find Julius, Joel, Simon, and Trophimus, A quartet of four young men so determined in presenting the gospel of Christ through the rap style music commonly known as holy hip hop, the four came together in 2003 and there the genesis of the rap group pure souls.

Today, the group has released two albums doxology a Greek word meaning this is the praise. And cross reference. In addition, we have a number of singles about worship, aids sensitization, and the end times. We are in chains for Christ not because we are forced to but because of the testimony we hold of what Christ did for us and thus obligated and indebted to tell of that good news to the evidently dying generation. So we live not but Christ liveth, we sing not, but Christ singeth, we do not but Christ doeth.

For he is the one who gives the power both to will and to do. For it is not by power nor by might but by the Holy Spirit sayeth the Lord. Rephrased “not by beats nor style but by the grace of God” Have we achieved our Goal? The answer is yes. We have seen thousands give their lives to Christ through our ministry; many give testimonies of how they’re encouraged and ministered to by the lives and the music. And also have been in collaboration with other ministers like papa san, from Jamaica, seven simple pieces from Hawaii, Calvary chapel churches, in Kampala, fort portal, gold country, maranatha chapel California and many ministries from Uganda. The group has worked on a third album KISS THE SON which will be released some time this year. We have also had concert tours in Kenya and Rwanda.
This is just like the beginning there is a lot more to expect in the future.


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