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Quarter To Four (demo) – Light Emitting Dinosaurs

Quarter To Four (demo) – Light Emitting Dinosaurs

Quarter To Four by the Light Emitting Dinosaurs transports listeners to the roaring 20’s thanks to the song’s rich, jazzy feel. Paired with lyrics like, “come here my dear and stop teasing me I’ve been watching you since quarter to four,” you can easily visualize a flirty girl sauntering towards a man at a speakeasy with a jazz group playing in the back of the facility. The song pulls up such a vivid picture in my mind that I can almost smell the cigarettes being smoked inside the bar. The tune incorporates both jazz and rock to make it an unforgettable track almost unworthy of being categorized to only one genre.

There are often cases of vocalists who truly outperform the instrumentalists, but fewer cases of instrumentalists outshining the vocalists and this is one of those cases. The instrumentalists truly stood out as the romantic and mellow timbre of the piano harmonized with the vintage twang of the guitar. The instrumentation was truly harmonic.

Don’t be confused, the lead vocalist of the Light Emitting Dinosaurs was amazing as she yielded an impressive vocal range and her voice in a way that was both charming and hypnotic. Likewise, the lead singer’s honest vocals were very refreshing and paired well with melody of the instruments. The production quality of the track could have been stronger as parts of the vocalist’s chorus had a piercing quality to it leaving it sharp to the ears and difficult to hear the lyrics clearly.

Another highpoint for Quarter to Four is the unique lyrics that, when paired with the incredible instrumentation, creates a song that is sure to stick in your head and leave you wanting to hit repeat again, again, and again! The melody is truly intoxicating causing any listener to involuntary, almost automatically, start swaying with the beat of the tune.

The track itself is made even more impressive by the fact that it is the Light Emitting Dinosaur’s first demo. Based on the quality of this track alone, I strongly believe that the Light Emitting Dinosaurs hold a lot of promise and I am sure we will see them continue to grow in popularity.

Bio: The Light Emitting Dinosaurs consist of Nikki and George Lewkowic, a husband and wife duo, as well as friends Ethan James and Archie Wolfman from Brixton.



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