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Quicksand (Common Man) by American Aaron

Quicksand (Common Man) by American Aaron


The introduction of Quicksand (Common Man) by American Aaron immediately establishes a peaceful atmosphere to the tune and sets up a unique and engaging beat for the track. The intro seamlessly transitions into the main part of the song forming an undeniable flow to the track that distinguishes it from other contemporary folk songs.

The whimsical sound of the guitar in this piece is incredibly relaxing as the mellow tone washes over listeners. The timbre of the guitar is flawlessly smooth as the instrument artfully balances the line between a harsh and edgy tone which helped the sound of the guitar pair well with the vocals of the track.

The vocal range showcased on this track is impressive as the vocalists carefully caresses every high and low. A great deal of energy is put into the formants of the voice on this track which allows for the singer to croon unencumbered by any part of the instrumental accompaniments. The vocals are exceedingly rich and consistent creating an outstanding vocal melody. The gruff yet lilting vocals convey a sense of earthiness that fits perfectly with lyrics like, “Save me quicksand or I’ll be a common man. That’s all I want to be.” The lyrics of this particular song are deep and meaningful adding a layer of depth to the already moving track.

The instrumentation of this track was almost exclusively acoustic instruments. Although the acoustic sound produced was great by itself, the song could be improved by varying the instruments to create a contrast. The lack of contrast was compensated on Quicksand (Common Man) by the rhythm of the track which was subtle but powerful and maintained its consistency and conviction throughout the entire tune.

The melody was also another strong asset for this song as it’s well-shaped feature helped make the track engaging as opposed to other folk songs where the melody can be shapeless causing listeners to become bored.

American Aaron is an incredible artist whose performance on this track was expressive and filled with vocal confidence that worked together well with the instrumentation to put on a vibrant performance. The recording quality of the track is notable as it pieced the track together in a way that balanced the vocals and the instruments as well as the channel and tone.

Bio: American Aaron is a singer/songwriter from South Carolina. He has played multiple genres of music for over twenty years across the south east and Colorado region until recently creating a studio in house where he has been writing and recording ever since.


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