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Raquel Divar New Music Releases – ‘She Look Like’ & ‘Hijack’ with Oh Blimey

Raquel Divar New Music Releases – ‘She Look Like’ & ‘Hijack’ with Oh Blimey
Raquel Divar New Music Releases - 'She Look Like' & 'Hijack' with Oh Blimey

Raquel Divar New Music Releases - 'She Look Like' & 'Hijack' with Oh Blimey Raquel Divar New Music Releases – ‘She Look Like’ & ‘Hijack’ with Oh Blimey

Raquel Divar Music Releases – ‘She Look Like’ & ‘Hijack’ with Oh Blimey

The modern life always contains a lot of stress caused by heavy works, complicated relationships, and scarce time for outdoor entertainment. Thus, people tend to listen to music to motivate themselves during their working process or leisure time at home. Although different people have different music styles, exciting music including hip-hop and rap tend to motivate people and make the move with a purpose. In line with passion to motivate people and take them out of the stress of life, even if but for a brief moment, Raquel Divar creates and releases two impressive songs named “She Look Like” and “Hijack” with Oh Blimey. These songs are only a taste of her futuristic trend of music since they are creative works and able to bring audiences a new form of emotion.

Overall, both songs use unique rap fusion resulted by EDM traditions of dubstep, trap, and glitch hop across the tracks. The sounds are very emboldened and make people continuously move their bodies along with the increase of emotion. The incredible combination of drum sounds, bass, trap seem to cover all the required elements to fall into a successful fusion of Hip-Hop and EDM .

“Hijack” with Oh Blimey

To sum this track up, it is an EDM track with grimey hip hop lyrics.  This particular track could easily become an anthem type tracks. Raquel brings grimey, battle-oriented wordplay to the forefront which a bold and forceful and attempt to demand your attention. Raquel’s delivery is seasoned and very sharp. In this day and time, all rhyme deliveries must come with precision or they will be shunned. If I could ask for a few things, the first would be to please provide some sort of lyrical intro. Hip Hop heads like intro’s. EDM producers like long intro with musical build-up. I would also like to ask that Raquels vocal tracks are brightened up. It sounds like the mic was very warm and a little bass was added to the vocals, which sounds like a treatment for a guy not a lady.  Last but not least, Hijack is a long song (4:21) with only 2 versus and no chorus.

She Look Like” – Raquel Divar & Cory O (production) ft. Abstract Rude (vocal)

We can’t deny the fact that these tracks have energy. The lyrics in “She Look Like” are very abstract in nature. Sometimes I feel like there is no ultimate message and that the lyrics are written for the sake of general rhyming and a lyrical trip. After further listening, the veteran Abstract Rude’s lyrics are describing a female, he wants to get with the intention that it’s only going to be a one night stand. His unknown intoxication with various substances is making his thoughts cloudy and he’s ignoring the bigger picture and potential danger with proceeding down this path. Raquel’s lyrics are straight to the point, warning Abstract Rude not to do it, because she know’s this females street credibility and her reputation speaks for itself. She may present a good game, but this girl has issues on multiple levels and it’s best to leave her alone and move on.  Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m right. Take note to sections of the chorus… “Molly Molly and Alcohol”, “All i want to do is zoom zoom…”, “Mushroom make me hallucinate.” – YEP!

The observation of Raquel Divar performances on these tracks as well as others prove positive and marketable to a broad audience. At the present, her music seems to be highly favored by the younger audiences, but her history and due diligence makes this project a banger and not a sleeper.

Although it will take time to accept Raquel Divar music as “futuristic music”, her current achievements are highly appreciated and contribute significantly to the movement of music artistry. With a strong push and fan support, the fusion of Hip hop and EDM could go mainstream with friendlier lyrics. I don’t expect it to happen very soon because, after all, this is indie music at it’s best, non-conforming.


A relentlessly forward-thinking rapper, lyricist, and vocalist known for her space-age themed futuristic rap style, Portland-based Raquel Divar is one of the pioneers of EDM/Rap fusion in both recording and performance. Divar has innovated a style of rap that molds seamlessly over the West Coast Bass music tradition, which includes the EDM traditions of dubstep, trap, and glitch hop a style that she has coined Future Rap. From the lyrics themselves to the skills behind the vocal style, her word-play is all original.

Raised in San Francisco, since a child Divars ears were always saturated with hip-hop and rap. Since 2006 Divar has developed and honed a rap style that combines with and shines over bass music, while maintaining a great degree of lyricism and skill. It is no surprise that she has been heavily influenced by Black Mic, Foreign Beggars, and K Theory. Her first official release We Are The Rebels with IHateFun Records produced by El Diablo reached #20 on the Beatport Glitch Hop Chart. The hit Killa Cali from the release garnered 16,500+ views on YouTube, and her self-released Tomahawk Tounge was one of the first EPs of its kind with the rapper/vocalist as the thread. Moreover, her Low Rider Time Machine Mixtape, complete with Divars all original lyrics and vocals, was one of the first mixtapes of its kind to place a female rapper over an entire bass music mix.

Since collaborating with bass producer ONE4ALL on the track Calling Out, Divar is currently working on EPs with Tomahawk Recordings and most notably on an EP with San Franciscos prominent underground bass label MalLabel Music. Divar will be the permeating thread on the EP, with various bass music producers underscoring her rap style a release that will surely change the face of rap in bass music for good.

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