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Ready Never – “Take that Pill”

Ready Never – “Take that Pill”

Ready NeverReady NeverOn first listen of Ready Never’s track “Take This Pill”, my opinion was passive. Then, I realized I was listening to a live recording. I found the live performance YouTube video on Ready Never’s site and it all added up.

Ready Never is a self-dubbed rock EDM group, whom I view more as a jam band EDM group. I characterize this from the live recording, which features a ninety second bass solo before moving into another minute-long jam prior to the actual song starting. If it takes you a few minutes just to start with your song, that’s definitely jam band material (even if you have synthesizers).

Watching this performance is a much more satisfying experience than just hearing the audio. Listening to a bass solo can be pretty mundane. However, when you see Clinton Karcher (drums) and Benny Ed (vocals, bass, pedals…pretty much everything else) in action, it’s pretty exhilarating. Benny Ed displays some rare versatility as he plays bass and controls all the foot-pedal delays while singing. On closer watch, you see he’s also whistling between his vocal lines. Even if this EDM jam-band fusion isn’t your style, you have to be impressed by the live abilities.

This band is already designed for live performances. I do like that the studio version of this song trimmed the fat off of the 8-minute live recording. One thing that this band could consider is adding some heavier drumbeats on the studio version’s chorus part. The video explodes during the chorus because of the drums. Those energetic drums could be emulated in studio for the ideal dance track.

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Ready Never is a new band from Los Angeles, California that combines Indie Electro Pop songs with an EDM Rock show. As the band continues to write and record pop songs infused with various forms of electronica, rock, funk, house, and indie sounds; they also share their love for instrumental jams and crescendo interludes within the live setting. Ready Never uses DJ equipment and foot pedals to trigger sequences and build upon beats and rhythms developed all the while Clinton Karcher rocks the live drums and Benny Ed leads on vocals and bass guitar.




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