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Redlight Get Out My Head (INSa 241’s Bootylishious mix)

Redlight Get Out My Head (INSa 241’s Bootylishious mix)
 INSa 241
 from  the UK’s south coast now based in Jersey
INSa 241  taught himself to play keyboards at the tender age of 6 performing his first gig at 9 years old. After playing in various Indie bands he made the switch to his own dance music productions in 2008.
After a steep learning curve he felt confident enough to put his productions online at the end of 2009 .
Gaining net radio play from his 2nd tune and  the attention of the emerging J-Tek scene  with his rave bootleg
Skreams remix of La Roux’s ‘In for the Kill’
 which was picked up by UK DJ Digitally Mashed and was soon being streamed across many Internet radio shows .

It wasn’t long before INSa 241 was recognised by other international dj’s such as  Billy Bunter, Twista, DJ Faydz and Rico Tubbs receiving air play on radio shows Kool FM and Finland’s Radio 1 as well as BBC Introducing.

INSa 241 now boasts releases with labels Top drawer digital , Hardcore Lives, Definition Breaks, amongst others and not leaving out his own digital label Blurred Edge Records .
And has featured on several album releases such as hardcore lives and the upcoming Future Rave Anthems as well as a vinyl release on the forthcoming Hardcore Projektz album.

Now best known for his re-mixes of some of the dance scenes all time classics INSa 241 is keeping up the memento with his latest remix :
Redlight Get Out My Head (INSa 241’s Bootylishious mix)
INSa 241  as done  what he does best and transformed this track and put his stamp on it .
You can understand why  artist’s and dj’s have re-labled   jtek , new breaks , with the now common name FUTURE JUNGLE when you hear INSa241‘s take on this classic  .
INSA 241 has put all his production skills together making a track that captures you from start to finish
With  Amen breaks runing to perfection and a sweeping sub pushing this track along with the original vocal with added filters and  pitches INSa 241 as smashed it .Bridging the track with a oldskool 4 on the floor and 303 techno bleeps this track really does have every thing ,
With a selection of remixes and original tracks from release’s to free download’s
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