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Hip Hop

Rising produced by Ed Leigh


Music brings everyone less tension... Ed Leigh

Ed Leigh is almost like an underdog, full of surprises. Gifted with a creative ear and rhythmic chill, I have to give him the props that are due. Ed considers himself just an average person who loves music, but after listening to his track called “Rising”; you get the sense that there is more than meets the eye.

The true conclusion is that the track is smooth and full of flavor. The drums have a rugged grimy feel which is usually associated specifically with hip hop music. The guitar, bass and ambient sound fillers give the track its life and melodic force.

Samples seem to have been kept to a minimal, which is probably why this I consider this track a signature piece for Ed. It’s a fresh track that could instantly be the backdrop for a film documentary.

One thing I noticed about the tracks the Ed produces is that they are uniquely different, abstract, vary in style. There is a lot of life to be heard and emotion to experience with each and every track. Each track sounds like a journey within that has been charted through bars and measures of music mesh.  If you take a listen, you will be amazed and inspired.


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Big Ups to Mr. Ed Leigh, Britain (UK), read more about him below.

Average sub-urban white kid, the foundations of a business class lifestyle. When foundations are set for a building, the path it will take is set in stone. However, during the construction of the Torre di Pisa, things began to get a bit lean. Much like this, my foundations began to change; I was also becoming quite lean. The only problem is, leaner’s struggle to be learners, and I’m not a building. To conclude, have a listen.

Music brings everyone less tension.

Well I’ve basically been making music (or trying to) since I started playing the guitar; as soon as I’d created my own first tune on the guitar I was just buzzing off that feeling and have been ever since. I used to play together with my brother and a couple of his mates but when they all moved on to college I was kind of left alone. That was around when my brother got a Mac in his room which I then basically hijacked whenever he wasn’t in to play on garage band. Finally I ended up with my own Mac, which resulted in me wanting an upgrade in software, which lead me to ableton. I did try reason for a little while but wasn’t feeling any of the outcomes that I was getting. A mate of mine then lent me a condenser microphone which I just loved coz I could apply numerous guitars to the equation, and just basically vibe as I always used to. Unfortunately for me he needed the microphone back for some solo work so I was left pretty high and dry. That was until about a month ago when I asked to borrow it again, I didn’t want to waste any time with it so I’ve been whoring it since then just making tunes when I can. Luckily I’ve still got it at the moment, hopefully I’ll have it until Christmas when I can afford my own microphone.

To make my tunes I try to keep it as original as possible with minimal samples, strictly vocal samples and kick drums with the occasional percussion slipped in. Generally though I’ll record the percussion with anything lying around in my room (from scraping the desk to sliding my phone shut, whatever works really), adding layers of recorded guitar and my vocals with occasional MIDI. Quite often I’ll just start out recording a basic guitar idea, looping it and adding whatever until I’ve achieved something special. The outcome purely depends on what kind of mood I’m in really or what been going on to make me feel a certain way. Sounds a bit gay and cliché but it is actually true.

When it comes to inspirations it’s a pretty wide spectrum, some make sense and some just don’t at all. For instance, my favorite musician of all time is probably Jason Mraz, which is quite strange when you compare his music to mine as he is virtually on the verge of pop and I’m somewhere in the realms of beat music. While he is one of my main inspirations, other artists like Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Bonobo and Little Dragon have been a huge influence on the way I listen and create music. I am also a big fan of hip hop, love artists like Pharcyde, Jurassic 5 and Soul of Mischief, as well as the highly influential hip hop producers like J Dilla and DJ Premier. I would go on further to saying about all the music types and artists that I love, but I think it could become even more boring than the previous lengthy description.

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Twitter: @edleighmusic



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