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“Sadie,” by PowPow

“Sadie,” by PowPow

Love this song, so well-conceived…to me it seems like one of those tracks that comes flying out effortlessly  intact and complete.

It has a great “hook” (at least one if not two), which stuck with me right away and made a very positive impression. Especially noteworthy is the excellent delivery of vocals, so soothing and perfectly on pitch, no problem with the higher notes despite the lower natural tone of his voice.

It seems quite possible that the song was written for this vocalist; it feels like the song itself is delicately wrapped around his performance. Not just once he carries everything in a gentle upward crescendo then lands it softly back down, then picks it up again after a break. This lilting soflty up and down has the delicate feel of a mother lifting a baby out of her crib…

Certainly part of the charm here lies in the lyrics themselves–lines such as: ”When there’s a fever they always will break, and time will make sure that the embers never remain…” are so soothing and reassuring to the ear .

The instrumentation was also very well done. At 1:18 the warm flute or wood organ sounding synth is a very nice choice of tone. The addition of the female background vocalist is just great, again such a nice choice of tone. To me the addition of the female vocal shows a small measure of humility and adds a huge measure of tonal variety to the song…that addition pretty much knocks this one out of the park for me…

There were perhaps a couple of glitches production-wise (changes in filtering perhaps a bit abruptly) but of course those are easy fixes.

I am definitely a fan of this song, and I hope these words can somehow put some breeze behind its wings to help it on its way to stardom!

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More about PowPow

Producer: Jason Garcia
Production name : PowPow
PowPow is the Austin, Texas indie-pop-alternative blending of two styles : Jason Garcia’s “classic pop” songwriting, influenced by stalwarts such as the Beatles, ELO and The Bee Gees, and filtered through bands like R.E.M. and Elvis Costello, mixed with Beth Barry’s love for modern pop artists like Aimee Mann, Metric, Lady Gaga and Robyn. “We like a lot of different things, so each song might be a little different,” Garcia explains. “But at the end of the day what you’re going to walk away with is a melody, and a mood.”
Sound Cloud Page :
Twitter Account Name : @creationchaos
Facebook Page :
Phone Number : 512-632-0043

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