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Sam Page – “Release Me”

Sam Page – “Release Me”

sampagesampageThe last track we reviewed from Sam Page was his single “Take It Easy” from 2013. In that track, Sam brought an unhinged garage rock style that sounded like Robert Smith quit The Cure to join The Hives. His dirty guitar melody and lyrics about grungy lifestyle would have been the perfect addition for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 20 soundtrack (or however many of those there are now).

In the track “Release Me”, Sam took a few steps back from his last formula to bring something more polished. The mood quickly changes from The Vines to The Shins as Sam’s style matures. Songs about satirizing poverty have turned into something more adult-friendly. Even the music has evolved into more complexities as the guitar solo actually features two interplaying guitars.

Through all these changes, it’s important to acknowledge that Sam Page hasn’t sacrificed his ability to really rock. The fast-motion swagger is very much intact, as “Release Me” surges with just as much energy as “Take It Easy” does. He just found a way to make it sound a little better.

The only improvement I can really offer comes from a mastering standpoint. The track sounds like it doesn’t have enough breathing room. The sound never peaks or buzzes, but you can tell that the guitars hit a ceiling during the louder parts (namely the chorus). However, this is really a minor adjustment. Whether the track is slightly re-mastered or not, people are still going to appreciate its catchiness.


Sam Page is an independent singer/songwriter who creates guitar-driven pop/rock. After releasing a couple EPs and doing 20 gigs around southern California with his band, Sam released his first full album Breach in 2013. As a result of Sam’s relentless promotion, Breachreceived 20 positive reviews on music blogs, airplay on 100 radio shows, and 85,000 streams on Spotify.  In a past life, Sam earned a PhD in Philosophy and for five years was a full-time college professor. But then he needed a break from being rational. So he decided to pursue a music career . . .

Release Me (single) by Sam Page OC

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