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Sam Page – “Take it Easy”

Sam Page – “Take it Easy”

header-166408-samheader-166408-sam Sam Page is loaded with an arsenal of easy-going rockin’ guitar riffs with a punkish flair. “Take it Easy” is chock-full of skid-marked vocals and plenty of attitude. Collected, but on the verge of breaking down into mania, Page’s singing complements the upbeat party tune with pop and melody, like any good feel-good rock song.

Page’s music does not give any sort of hint as to what his life off the stage is like: A PhD in philosophy and five years as a full-time college professor. With his full-length solo album Breach and an EP titled The Garage Band Files, this double-life crusader has molded his passion for music in a format that is a far cry from deep musings and lecture hall echoes.

The song itself, clocking in at two minutes and ten seconds, it straightforward and easy to digest. On that level, “Take it Easy” does not take any daring leaps of experimentation or ambition, leaving it feeling pretty predictable. But for that whiff of adrenaline and good times, this song is guns-blazing while blasting out through your car’s stereo with the windows rolled down in them middle of a hot June. It’s radio-friendly alternative rock, but without the whining.


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Sam Page is an independent singer/songwriter who creates guitar-driven pop/rock. In 2010, he began performing at open mics, learned to home-record, and made an EP (The Garage Band Files). Sam then formed a band in 2011 and did twenty gigs in southern California. In April 2012, he released a second EP (Waiting for Another Spring) that earned an encouraging amount of praise. Sam’s first full album Breach was released digitally in January 2013. In a past life, Sam scored a PhD in Philosophy and for five years was a full-time college professor. But then he needed a break from being rational. So he decided to pursue a music career . . .

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