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SaumG – “Running Through You” [Electronic Pop]

SaumG – “Running Through You” [Electronic Pop]

SaumGSaumGAccomplished cellist and producer SaumG just released his new track “Running Through You,” which beckons for an EDM party, but not with the average arrangement. Instead, he loads this song with an arsenal of familiar instruments to create electro pop with an unfamiliar sound. In doing so, he produces something catchy and more memorable than fundamental EDM.

This song’s electronic pieces slide with a controlled pace. SaumG appropriately uses warped bass synthesizers and gated reverb drums while his singing voice (or cool speaking voice) is divested. These are standard EDM pieces that basically keep the song within the genre. However, SaumG doesn’t let the production limit him as he adds instruments that don’t fit in the 80’s trance. I mostly credit this to his cello riffs in between his lyrics. The cello is unmodified and sounds completely normal. This funeral instrument would usually be the last thing you’d want to hear in a club song, but it really doesn’t take away from the song’s feel. Rather, it just adds something new without making the song artificial and overproduced. SaumG doubles down on this idea as he also includes a steel drum melody. Once the steel drum comes in, it quickly becomes the catchiest part in the entire song.

The song’s gumptious production doesn’t come without faults, though. The biggest of which is in SaumG’s stylstic choices as a vocalist. From the beginning of the song, it feels like he’s trying too hard to sound laid-back (isn’t that ironic). Not everyone can be Chromeo and get away with forced slickness. SaumG should turn that effort down and maybe he will sound authentically “chill.”  Also, he uses the same exact chorus recording throughout the entire song. It’s pretty obvious (especially through the “hmm” and “get it” lines).  It’d be nice to not be able to pick that out so obviously.

All in all, the song is impressive and catchy. It’s got a few kinks to be worked out, but it’s on the right track.


Since the age of 3, SaumG has been studying music. His mother was an eastern and western classically trained singer and composer and transferred her passion for music to both of her sons. As well as studying classical music SaumG also had an affinity for technology and electronic music. This lead him to experiment with computer based digital workstations, ultimately allowing him to spread his artistic creativity to a new platform. Having used many different methods of creating music SaumG is a true artist to the core and can make music with or without a computer. However, he currently loves EDM, but he even admits that maybe later in his life he will write a concerto or a solo piece.



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