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Scott Lawrence (SLM) – Until Sunrise

Scott Lawrence (SLM) – Until Sunrise

It’s a patchwork of something haunting, something dramatic, and something a little spicy. “Until Sunrise” is a midnight moon waltz set unexpectedly with the flair of Latin percussion, setting a dark and danceable ambiance for echoing piano chords and rumbling synths. Scott Lawrence’s 20-year background in musical composition boasts a vast pallet of styles and a taste for unconventional creation. This sampling of his imagination exemplifies a seamless synthesis of genres. Weaving intricate piano chords that speak as if human with the buzzing of distant guitar chords, the number takes twists and turns into ambient IDM music and the exotic left-field choice of an accordion.

“Until Sunrise” has all the aesthetics of a film score caught somewhere between a Brazilian James Bond movie and the eerie environment of a flick pulled off the Film Noir shelf, fluctuating in and out of a stylish nocturnal character and a somber nightfall croon. Each instrument embodies its own character, be it the melancholia of the elaborate piano, the dark charisma of the guitar, the South American groove of the percussion, and even the surprising accent of the accordion.

Scott Lawrence is refined talent, not just in the sense of technical skill or production, but in his ambition for a streamlined blend of multiple ideas that sound as if they were always meant to be together—a match made in heaven. It is a crime that there isn’t a short film to accompany this piece.

About Scott

Scott Lawrence is an American music composer. He grew up in the South, having moved around a great deal before landing in Atlanta, Georgia for the first part of his young adulthood. He has since made Seattle, Washington his home for the past fifteen years. His passion for music began at age 5 when he started playing piano. By age 12, he had sketched out several piano solo pieces that would later evolve into full compositions, while other melodies would blossom into orchestrated and cinematic scores.

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