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Seemingly Sane’s “My Own Worst Enemy” is no KNOCKOFF [ Alternative Rock]

Seemingly Sane’s  “My Own Worst Enemy” is no KNOCKOFF [ Alternative Rock]

Seemingly SaneSeemingly SaneJacob Caporali is the sole member of the Pittsburgh-based alt rock project Seemingly Sane. His new track “My Own Worst Enemy” contains lyrics of creeping psychosis in the style reminiscent of a Kurt Cobain song. Not a Nirvana song: a Cobain song. Not only do I hear it in his voice (which tucks away enough of the gruff to avoid sounding like him), but I also read it in the unease of the songwriting itself. The lyrics are eerie and alarming, yet Jacob is completely stoic in his delivery (which only adds to the eeriness).

Another staple of the Cobain feel is the unusual chord progression. This song is made of chords that don’t work in the same scale. You have to hear it in repetition in order to be comfortable with the sound. Many times, this doesn’t work. However, Seemingly Sane ventures out of the formula and finds a way to make it function in rare fashion.

Although this song takes a few tricks from 90’s alternative, it’s clearly not a knockoff. Rather than building off the influencing style, he deconstructs it for something more primitive. This song goes where it wants without being dictated by other rules. Seemingly Sane should stay with this mindset because few people can pull it off. I think if he improves his recording quality and substitutes the computerized drum set with a real one, this song could gain a lot of respect from alternative rock fans.

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My name is Jacob Caporali.I am a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. I call myself “Seemingly Sane”. Currently I am a solo artist and I have just released my first album titled “Running From My Shadow”.


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