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Simon Adams – “Our Man”

Simon Adams – “Our Man”

Simon AdamsSimon AdamsA lot of singers like to compare themselves to Coldplay. And who wouldn’t? Chris Martin is a respected pop singer with a unique voice. But as much as these singers like to dream, very seldom they ever sound like Chris Martin. Simon Adams, on the other hand, actually sounds a lot like him. On the track “Our Man,” we see a pretty safe arrangement of low-intensity drums, soft rock guitars, and some backing organs to keep Simon’s voice as the focal point as he calmly croons some positive-themed lyrics about finding happiness within.

Simon Adams labels his tunes as “guitar-driven.” To me, they’re definitely vocal driven. While guitars exist in the songs, I don’t see them as the defining characteristic in his music.  This brings me to my suggestion for Simon. I’d like to see him mix up the music a little bit and go for something less generic. His voice is a good staple, but the instrumentation and melodic arrangements could use some spice. It’s just a little too normal. With a voice like that, you don’t want the music too busy or distracting. However, there’s plenty of background space that could be filled with something unexpected. In a few of Simon’s songs, I hear faint traces of banjos and mandolins. I’d like for him to steer closer to these less conventional arrangements. The core of his songwriting works, I would just like to see more color in its presentation.

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Simon Adams writes alternative songs which come straight out of his life and what he holds most dear: the crossing of chasms in relationship, acceptance, and joy forged in the fire. In listening to a song of his, you’ll be taken to a place where you are helped to believe that everything might just be all right after all: that it all adds up to something good.

Hailing from a tiny town on the south coast of England, Simon has sailed the seas looking for adventure to the tunes of British greats (The Beatles, U2). In all his travel, he has tried to learn to love people of many cultures, finding that we all share a heart: a heart that may be touched and inspired by music.


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