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Simon Field – “Gravity”

Simon Field – “Gravity”

Gravity Single CD CoverGravity Single CD CoverThough the Americas are now hot for the so-called “deep house revival,” the truth is that deep house never left Europe. For the common 2014 listener, the new Simon Field track “Gravity” would sound like the modern vein of Disclosure with its wobbling bass hits, minimalist electronic background noise, and soul singer combo. These comparisons are unfair, as Norway has held one of the more celebrated electronic scenes for the past few decades: this is the foundation where Simon Field music really comes from.

One thing that caught my attention about this track is the choice of singer: Easton Davis. He has a soul feel to him, but with more unconventional grit. However, the jazz aspects of deep house somehow find a link to the soul characteristics of Easton Davis to make something unconventional at the surface, but still completely compatible.

My only beef with this song comes from the interlude section at around the 2:15 mark. This song was thriving off an atmospheric build-up that naturally happens when a house song has a good beat. However, I think the song gets impatient with itself and disrupts the flow by adding in more electro-pop styled synthesizers and voice modulation. The track doesn’t need this. Those two moods don’t sink in together as well.

After the first interlude, the beat disappears for a little bit for a far-more appropriate second interlude appears, featuring Davis’ isolated voice and a build-up back into the song’s regular chorus. If the synthesizers from 2:15-2:45 were removed, this song would really maintain the consistent and natural groove. This criticism seems like a minimal note, but Simon Field ’s flow is too good to give up like that. Other than this tiny improvement, “Gravity” is a great deep house song with an infectious pulse and some real power.

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Simon Field (aka Simen Fjeld) is an award winning producer and songwriter based in Oslo/ Norway. He has worked with artists such as MadCon, Sirius (winner of Norway’s Got Talent), A-Lee (platinum selling Norwegian Rapper), Nathan Osmond (US) along with having music in multiple US TV shows such as Californication, Ugly Betty among others. As writer and producer he has releases on Sony Music,  Universal Music, Cosmos Music Group in Norway, US, Korea, Japan and many other markets.



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