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“Smooth Alien” by JustSomeKid

“Smooth Alien” by JustSomeKid

“Smooth Alien” produced by JustSomeKid is an Unofficial Remix of the popular song “Smooth Criminal” originally created and produced by Michael Jackson.

The track has a very slow lead in, which some would argue is, common for electronic music but in this case, it doesn’t build the anticipation that I would expect. When the beat finally comes to fruition, I’m not excited. This was a great attempt to honor Michael Jackson but it needs some polishing. Variation is key, strong drums are key and the Smooth Criminal melody could have been delivered more creatively and not so much in its raw form. I would have loved to hear snippets of a warped Michael Jackson voice to make the track more unique and more inviting.

A great suggestion for this remix would be to change the drum kit entirely, bring in the effects faster, change up in the rhythm and add a few unexpected drops. If you need some inspiration, Listen to just about any from David Guetta. I am not saying there is a need to be a cookie-cutter producer, I am saying there is a great formula that should be studied to improve your overall presentation. This song has over 18,000 plays but only 11 comments at the time this was written. Keep pressing forward, continue to get feedback and we look forward to seeing your skills as they become a little more polished.

JustSomeKid has yet to be discovered so there is not much to say about the artist yet except that he will continue to develop. More music can be heard on SoundCloud at

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