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Solace by the Consequents… runs rampant!

Solace by the Consequents… runs rampant!

The Conclusion First
The Consequents is a band filled with talent that is unjustly squandered by an inexperienced producer. If the band found a way to balance the track to create a sense of harmony, this review would be a completely different tale. When each piece of the song is separated and isolated from one another the talent is exponential, but when the pieces are forced together the track is a disastrous tale. Given the former information, music to one person, may not be music to another. The beauty of music is that it speaks multiple languages, so although some of us are not multi-lingual, there are plenty of people that are. No matter what, be true to yourself. 

Solace by the Consequents is a track of disappointment run rampant. The most unflattering part of this track is the dissonant playing of the guitar. Two opposing guitar riffs are forced together to create an off-key truly inharmonious instrumental arrangement. Even in the most abstract sense, instrumentation should still have some complimentary attributes. The guitar instrumentation sounds as if two artists were asked to improvise on the spot and neither had any understanding of what the other one was doing. This takes away from the entire piece making the track almost unlistenable. One hopes that the disastrous instrumentation ends after the introduction, but listeners are further disappointed when the meat of the song arrives and the problem remains.

Individually the guitar playing is mediocre, but not horrible. The playing has the hallmark heavy tone to it that is typical for this genre and although excessively loud shows instrumental talent to a degree. Again, every positive aspect of the guitar performance is dramatically taken away by the truly jarring and cacophonous arrangement of the instruments together.

Vocally, Consequents is strong for the genre. The vocals of the track balance a gruff and growling tone to a tee giving the track that rough feel that the Metal genre strives for. Production on this track took away from the vocals at times by overdoing the digital effects which cheapened the vocals giving the impression that the vocalist of Consequents can only achieve that tone via digital intervention which is certainly untrue.

The overall production of this track is shoddy at best. Poor choices were made that completely diminished every positive aspect of this song leaving the tune unharmonious and unbalanced. Listening to Solace felt like a fight to the death with every aspect of the track constantly trying to battle each other for dominance overpowering and frankly drowning out what should have been highlights of the tune.

Bio:  Consequents is an Alternative-Metal Band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Established on July 1st, 2016; Consequents has headlined, and performed as a support act for local/touring artists in the Rock/Metal music scene. Performing all-original music from their Self-Titled EP1, Midnight EP, and newly released full-length album, “Episteme”(2018).





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