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SoundCloud Music Reviews + B-Side Project

SoundCloud Music Reviews + B-Side Project

April 19, 2013


Just_the_BJust_the_BSoundCloud Music Reviews has officially partnered with B-Side Project and it’s initiative to provide select artists and producers with an increased amount of industry exposure. Artists and Producers and randomly paired up as a team and their task is to create unique remixes.

A select few of the remixes entered into the project will be reviewed and featured on Each featured review will receive promotion through various social media outlets and audio commercials produced and posted to SoundCloud.

The worldwide remix contest is set to tear down boundaries of genres and let artists from all walks of life to roam free and showcase their hidden talent. Artists will be paired at random with dance music producers and given four weeks to remix a track and give it a fresh new mold.

Artists who enter the program will be benefited with airtime and plugs at all events and radio shows. Category prizes include SoundCloud pro accounts, gigs at UK festivals, digital releases, promotional packages, sync agreements, and record deals. Awards will be broadcast on air on 4th July, 2013.

The judges of the worldwide remixed contest are Plump DJ’s Curtis B and Dave Seaman, DJ Vapour, Cut La Roc, EZ Rollers, Pioneer, Pablo Cook, Pumped Audio, Big Life Management,, Dotted Music, and

Benefits for participants:

• Promotion across a widespread platform
• Education of the music industry
• Links and contacts in the industry
• Potential track releases & Awards
• Potential gig bookings across the UK and at festivals

Get involved now by visiting Click “Enter Worldwide” by April 30th, 2013.

The B-Side Project was cultivated in 2009 in the UK by NE-Xcuse, envisioned as an breeding ground for artists in need of promotional opportunities. With the system revolving around methods of utilizing musicians with alternative means of producing songs, amazing prospects have been given to artists in the forms of syncing agreements and record deals. B-Side Project  promotes international music communities across oceans and opens the ears of audiences to sounds they would otherwise never hear.

B-Side Project Contact:
“any excuse to entertain”
07775 435534 –

SoundCloudMusicReviews is a website dedicated to reviewing the music of artists and producers using the SoundCloud platform. It also conducts and hosts audio-based interviews with the artists, giving them the opportunity to speak about their work and what makes them unique. SoundCloud Music Reviews is directly affiliated with SoundCloud and is not officially endorsed by SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Music Reviews Contact:
Ricky White
SoundCloud Music Reviews …listen to this
847-219-3589 / 843-900-0047

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