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Robo Robo – ‘Glass House’ [House Music]

Robo Robo – ‘Glass House’ [House Music]

House Music is one of those things that when it comes to making a beat, its either you have it or you don’t. I must say that i can safely say that, the composer of this beat definitely has it. I have listened to quite a few EDM/House tunes in the past and given that i myself am a fan of this particular genre of music. This in addition to the fact that when it comes to music i’m not one to be easily impressed, however, it took me by surprise when i realized how soon i started to like this Glass House tune by Robo Robo.

The recording quality of the tune is refreshingly crisp and it can be immediately identified with well crafted and professionally composed EDM / House music. The Composer is definitely someone who knows what he or she is doing when it comes to making house music. The quality is clear and require very little if any further mixing. As it relates to the composition of the tune, immediately you can tell that this was well put together and excellently composed. The composition is next to perfect ( if any of us knew what perfect was). My Suggestions here are few, what I would suggest though, is that the composer look into breaking into the remastering of Reggae, Dancehall or Soca music, as there is a lot to work with their; old and new songs alike. The market is also developing for that kind of EDM/House music.

Cover Lyrics are almost as important to the success of an EDM / House Song as the quality of the tune itself. All things considered, this tune could easily accommodate cover lyrics from a reggae song or even a popular Kanye West song. This versatility afforded to the tune is as a result of : (i) Excellent Sound Quality (ii) Superb composition and (iii) The tune is self is enjoyable. It is with all this in mind that one can arrive at such a conclusion. As a matter of fact, this tune could go even further and be added to songs from genres like country or rock and roll or remastered versions of same.

As stated above i have no dislikes as it relates to this particular House/ EDM beat, if i were to pin point any particular thing that would pretty much be me nit-picking. All in all the tune has all the characteristics of a hit EDM / House tune, the chief among these being the fact that it is a fun listen.

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