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“Speaking” by Rolando Soul

“Speaking” by Rolando Soul

“Speaking” by Rolando Soul is a hip-hop track that shows the tremendous potential Soul and his team have. Starting with the rhythm, Soul lures listeners in. The beat is solid and the rhythm is incredibly engaging. It makes you want to rock and sway to the tune. When a rhythm really truly brings physical movement to a track, you know the artist and the team behind it have talent. Not every artist in the industry has this ability so when you find an artist who is capable of doing this and more, you know they are one to keep an eye on. 

The production quality is strong as the team behind “Speaking” delicately manages to balance digital effects without overshadowing Soul’s vocals. Vocally, Soul shows potential. Although lacking clarity in diction at times, the vocals are still strong as the lyrics drip with the conviction Soul clearly feels. His passion for his craft is evident in his rapping. 

The biggest struggle Rolando Soul faces in “Speaking” is the lack of conclusion to the piece. The song’s melody is strong throughout, and it keeps building. It gets higher and stronger and as the song reaches the end, you wait for a shift that brings the song down. This never comes. The track just abruptly ends leaving listeners at a loss. It this specific case, it makes the track seem slightly incomplete. If Soul restructured the track to create a more distinctive and untroubled conclusion the song would be appealing enough for a listener to put it on loop. 

The production team use a really muddy bass, that I really like. It’s rare to hear the bass that muddy or purposely over-processed. It gives the track a bit more originality and works for being distinct.

Overall, “Speaking” is a strong piece that can be made even stronger if minor tweaks were made to the track. This cannot be understated, Rolando Soul is an entertainer and knows how to engage listeners throughout his songs. His writing ability is impressive. very polished and comfortable with the flow and timing.

Rolando Soul is a lyricist from Detroit, Michigan. His style is a mixture of witty metaphors, wordplay & melodic beauty. He is a producer & writer for others and himself. He is currently releasing singles, working on his next project, & performing at local venues to build his fan base.


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