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Stephanie Kong (Stephthelyricist) tells a story with “Her” [pop/folk]

Stephanie Kong (Stephthelyricist) tells a story with “Her” [pop/folk]

stephaniestephanieStephanie Kong’s music is the byproduct of very real issues. She’s suffered problems that damage teenagers and haunt them throughout adulthood. Before diving into an analysis of her music, I would like to give Stephanie some praise for picking herself back up. Rather than giving into the problems that weighed her down, she’s found a healthy outlet and is encouraging others to do the same.

Stephanie’s soft rock song “Her” involves familiar poisons that seep into a high schooler’s world. A girl whom Stephanie went to high school with talked Stephanie out of suicidal thoughts. But when Stephanie turned to the girl for a real friendship, she did not reciprocate. Although “Her” is presented with maturity and no angst, its rather sad. Ambivalent. Why would someone want to help you out, but then turn their back on you? Was it just a spike of self-righteousness? This song makes you question human motive when encountered with those in need.

Though this song is a sad memory, the overall picture is for the better. Stephanie was still inspired by the act of kindness. This act is what she tries to perpetuate through music. Even once realizing that this girl’s friendship was an empty gesture, she takes its good parts and passes it on. An average teenager in this situation would have felt betrayed and slipped into an even worse state. This was not the case with Stephanie. She was able to hold onto the thoughts that saved her. If only all teenagers…hell, even adults…could fathom that concept.

The only advice I would really like to impart to Stephanie is to keep writing and not get boxed in with the same topics. This isn’t happening yet, but she’s got a keen mind for songwriting that she needs to continue exploring. She’s now entering college, where she will find a whole array of new problems and song inspirations. She just needs to keep her eyes open, stay curious, and stay empathetic.

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I’m a 18 year old singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist. I just recently graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh,PA. I’m currently a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. I write songs that deal with poverty, loneliness, and those issues. I think my songs are catchy enough that everyone can enjoy and listen to. One of my songs, its called Her. Her is about a personal story/suicide during my junior year of high school. I was caught in between family conflict (abuse, seeing my sister delve into drugs, and seeing my eldest sister taken advantage by guys, and I was made fun a lot in school. I had no friends. There was one other Mt. Lebanon resident/graduate girl that talked me out of it through facebook messaging. Afterwards, I wanted to be her friend because I thought she was genuine and would listen. Unfortunately, she did not feel the same. She got caught in the high school mentality…It made me depressed but I want to be able to help other kids with suicidal issues. I’ve written other songs that addresses issues like this with insecurity and etc…I’ve gotten featured in several blogs already throughout the Pittsburgh region and radio stations…like 93.3 Denver Iheartradio and B94.5fm radio! Here are some links to that and the blogs! Thanks! It’d be great to get some support and raise awareness about these issues to other people! I’ve already been featured on some local newspapers which include the Pittsburgh City Newspaper and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. I’ve also gotten accepted onto college radio at Kennesaw State University,DePaul University, and Rhode Island College. In addition, I’m a part of the BET music matters campaign and will be interviewed by the Robert Morris University and Mitchell college. I’m going to be featured in the Pittsburgh Magazine and the Almanac too! Thanks!


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