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Sundance “Choose Your Weapon (feat. Elias & Sintax The Terrific)” [Hip-Hop]

Sundance “Choose Your Weapon (feat. Elias & Sintax The Terrific)” [Hip-Hop]

SundanceSundanceThe energy within this song sneaks upon you just as the intro does. After a mic check, the lyrics interject under fierce strings, distant horns, bold percussion, lively high hats and a subtle bass line. I can recognize the life of the live band. That’s one minimum skill a Memphis, TN native should have.

When listening to Sundance’s “Choose Your Weapon,” you don’t care who is performing the lyrics. You don’t bother trying to match tones with variations. You just accept that it features Elias & Sintax The Terrific. You don’t even care who they are. Don’t get me wrong. They add fusion and funk to this song. Each contributor does.

That’s what makes a great song… a great song.  In 1978, no one cared that the woman singing “The Closer I Get to You” with Donny Hathaway was Roberta Flack. In 1987, did we even know who Siedah Garrett was until she sang “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” with Michael Jackson. Other than it being a hippie anthem, we weren’t too concerned that “I Got You Babe” was song by married couple- Sonny and Cher. Each of these songs were a hit and we remember the song and appreciate the artists who performed them. We aren’t trying to give more credit or fame to the other, because the song’s excellence is most important. Achieving that objective importance calls us to praise each contributor with balanced awe.

Same thing goes for “Choose Your Weapon.” The acclaim is evenly distributed. Whether it be the musical instruments or the lyrical content and its delivery, all elements come together to bring a strong finished product. Speaking of lyrics, the truth within the words is carefully placed with a catchy phrase or fragment. Simple equals real especially when you hear ‘god or devil’ or ‘heaven or hell’ and even ‘eden or gotham.’ Beyond religiosity, you hear ‘stock market crashes’ and ‘used to work for money, now money my master.’ The truth has no time period or expiration date. You can feel that when listening to this song.

The entire song has a nice flow, smooth transitions and a daring yet peaceful air. I do feel the lyrics on the second verse couldn’t be heard as well or as clear as the first verse and the chorus. Still, the pros of this song outweigh the cons.


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Sundance debuts the first single from his forthcoming release Midlife Marauders. The track features his signature production while Elias provides his soulful vibes on his verse and the hook. Sintax the Terrific also contributes a verse.

“Midlife Marauders is about searching for meaning in life despite not really understanding why things are as they are. Definitely my most personal project to date, even though I’m in the background in the boards, the hope is that when you get it, it can play out like a collective statement of art,” shares Sundance.

Midlife Marauders releases June 17, 2014 via Illect Recordings.


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