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Super Basement EP produced by Jesse Futerman

Super Basement EP produced by Jesse Futerman

Jus Like Music Records artist Jesse Futerman, may only be 19 years old, but he packs a seasoned sound when it comes to music production. He’s not  a beginner trying to mimic other producers, he’s creating music that shines in it’s own light. All the way from Toronto, Canada…lend your listening ear!

The Super Basement Ep, released in June 2011, consisting of 6 dynamically orchestrated tracks is winner, hands down. I’m not sure how many tracks went into production before narrowing it down to the final six, but the over all selection is major. If you can’t appreciate the artistic nature behind the tracks individually or collectively, then this particular release is not for you.

It begins with a track called “Funds” which reminds of some classic break beats over jazz ambient melodies. I’m not sure I’d consider this track to be deep hip hop… but I would be bold enough to classify it as acid jazz with a hip hop scent. Either way you look at it, it’s still a great element of the bigger picture.

I have to skip down to “Driva’man.” It’s not that the other tracks aren’t fresh, it’s just that this track utilizes a number of samples that really incorporate what a live urban jazz jam session would really sound like. Driva’man is an intricate production of pure flava and really drives the zone deep. Turn it up! This is the track that will stop conversations and make the head nod. Again, it’s fresh.

Each track raises a question inside. Where the heck did Jesse develop a listening ear for this particular sound. Just when you think you have heard it all, Jesse brings music from the side of the tracks that today’s producers are hoping to capture or at the very least, expect to hear.

In conclusion, Jesse has captured my attention and deserves the exposure that has come and that is too come. Each track sounds paced and well thought through. The Super Basement Ep is definitely worth it’s weight in gold and should be obtained and archived as a classic release.

This review is only a taste of what the EP truly has to offer. I will let you determine the value by listening for yourself and you won’t be disappointed as you cycle through a project encased in jazz, hip hop, soul and funk.

With over 20,000 soundcloud plays, Jesse is a producer that I look forward to hearing more from and I’m sure the number of increasing plays won’t stop anytime soon.

About Jesse

19-year old Canadian producer, Jesse Futerman, has been turning heads with his classy edits and productions for a while now. Renowned in the scene for his proficient Soundcloud game(!), he’s been picking up plenty of fans along the way, including; Gilles Peterson, Kidkanevil, Pursuit Grooves, Ta-ku, Mr Beatnick, Throwing Snow, Chairman Kato and Moonstarr, so it was just a matter of time before we saw an official release from him. The Super Basement EP is a refined collection of 6 beautifully crafted and constructed tracks, delving deep through strings and brass to deliver a haunting, yet eloquently soulful experience.

A young man old beyond his years, Jesse Futerman has a mature ear that manages to both appreciate jazz music and turn it to create his own unique sounds and styles. With elements of soul and hip-hop, yet retaining a jazz backbone, Jesse’s music appeals to jazz purists and contemporary beat-heads alike. Super Basement might be the first official release from Jesse Futerman, but this is just the beginning.


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