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Super Human – AVD the band

Super Human – AVD the band

As soon as you read the title super human, you instantly begin to picture a person that has been transformed into some sort of modern day super hero. After this super hero has pondered name after name, his final selection is Super Human. Hmmm…

Seriously coming back to reality I have to admit that the song Super Human is actually a really good song. Beyond being an above average track, is an inspiring song fused with pop, rock and a solid message. The track is filled with ambient sounds which help paint a surreal environment. If the wind was blowing, it would seem as if I was sitting in a 4d environment right now. The production is clean and the vocals are smooth and warm.

Right now I am feeling like I want to be “Super Human” as well. The song speaks about the possibilities of being able to make things happen in one’s life and in the life of others. The lyrics play on the cause/effect theory, if I can do this, then I can do that as well. Reading between the lines, my interpretation is that the song is about truly being free within ones self, being able to explore different things in life, being able to help others on un-restricted levels.

I can already hear thousands of people singing this simple yet extremely catchy chorus. This song has the potential to become the theme song of a box office movie.  AVD the band is a solid group with a solid sound.

Current Location: Los Angeles, California

Here is more about the band and their list of accolades:

Timothee Lovelock, Adam Piccoli and Zachary Gracius formed AVD in 2007 after discovering a common love for ColdPlay, Maroon 5, Michael Jackson and Kanye West. Once they created those inspirational verses  and beats on their debut record, “GoodBye” (Released Aug. 2009), the  trio’s sound became an intrinsic reflection of the melting pot that is America.

AVD has had the privilege of opening up for acts such as Biz Markie, Common, Damien Marley, Nas and Bobby Valentino. In addition, community service is a valued part of their lives. Consequently, they’ve shared their time, talent, and profits with Operation Smile and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

They are currently working on their second EP, “The Moment” and have released two new singles, “Super Human” and “Got No Lover.” Farewell to run-of-the-mill music and experience the sounds of AVD.


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