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Svendiamond – Flaowsin

Svendiamond – Flaowsin

Music that makes the soul speak in an unknown tongue and music that complements peace.

“He is refining his methods; he is evolving.” So goes the sound sample at the beginning of this song, “Flaowsin.” From the beginning to the end of this short 2:05 track, “Svendiamond” mastermind Matt Tebbetts entwines the other-worldly technical prowess of “Time on the Nile” by Hiroshima with a relaxed, trip-hop drumbeat and various film samples to create a track that borrows from new age, classical, trip-hop, and hip-hop. Jazzy in nature, the piano composition is a complex, confident, free-flowing barrage both gentle and stunning, gliding softly across the beat and evoking peace and urgency. With the airy nature of the beat and the distant plucking of both electric and acoustic guitar chords, “Flaowsin” has an avant-garde flair with just enough light-heartedness in the choice of samples to assert itself as fun and accessible.

 If anything negative can be pointed out, it’s the frequency of the sound samples. As bookends for the song they are tight and to the point, but the middle becomes a bit jarring and distracting from the bulk of the composition. But perhaps that is the point of “Flaowsin”: a fusion of multiple viewpoints that do not always agree with each other but arrive at the same conclusion near the end. And after all, he is refining his skills and evolving.

Keep the sparkle in them sounds coming Svendiamond!

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