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“Drink with You” by Sydney Ranee’ [R&B/Soul]

“Drink with You” by Sydney Ranee’ [R&B/Soul]

“Drink With You” by Sydney Ranee’ exudes the confidence the artist feels in her work and her artistic talents. This confidence is not undeserving. Lyrically, Sydney Ranee’ showcases her ability to combine cleverly-written lyrics with a highly-listenable (and highly-danceable) vocal melody that is incredibly expressive. With lyrics such as, “Think I left my pride at the door, yes some things on the floor, one turns into four,” listeners find themselves amused at the musical story of weekend antics that are all too familiar. 

 Ranee’s vocals take you on a journey that stays true to the R&B genre. Her silky, soulful voice rides the beat artfully and before you know it you’re swaying and moving to the tune. The rhythm is too engaging to keep still. The movement is infectious. This is partly to do with the impactful melody. The song is ultimately incredibly catchy and will have listeners humming the tune throughout the day. The melody stays with you well past the end of the track and the heavy beat fuses with the soul. This is a hallmark trait that many up and coming R&B artists either hit or completely miss. It’s refreshing to see a young artist successfully incorporate this trait in a tasteful and truly amazing way.

The recording quality of “Drink With You” is outstanding, and the producers deserve a round of applause for the clever balance between vocals and instrumentation on this track. The choice to leave Ranee’s charismatic vocals untainted by digital effects was an outstanding choice. It left Ranee’s vocals clear and helped better tow the delicate line between vocals and instrumentation leading to the perfect balance. This balance helps distinguish “Drink With You” from other R&B tracks. 

Overall, I expect we will see more incredible work from Sydney Ranee’ in the future. I for one cannot wait to hear more. “Drink With You” shows remarkable musical talent that is a necessary quality for any artist to make it in this industry. Ranee’ sounds confident and has great control within her vocal range. With her and her team’s undebatable talent, I anticipate that Ranee’ will continue to move up in the world of R&B and Soul.


Los Angeles native, Sydney Ranee’ is more than just a voice. The singer, songwriter and producer was born with a passion for music and desire to entertain. Heavily influenced by artists such as Prince, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Jill Scott; Sydney has been praised for her classic sound and her dynamic stage presence. Sydney Ranee’s sound has been described as a unique blend of Soul, R&B and Funk music. She is an international act having rocked stages throughout the U.S., Singapore and Italy and has also proven herself to be a key player in the LA music scene. In 2015 she debuted her first EP titled “Born To Run”. A year later she returned with her second EP titled “You Could”.


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