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Synagie – “Metro-Gnome”

Synagie – “Metro-Gnome”


Erik Freudenrich1Erik Freudenrich1Jarring, rhythmic, pulsating—these are just a few words conjured up when listening to “Metro-gnome” by Synagie. With the relentless assault of drum-n-bass that pounds away underneath layers of static-washed synths and distorted moods, this song is a frantic pounding of the senses that never lets up during its 2-and-a-half minute runtime.

Synagie is a one-man production under the command of Erik William Freudenrich, a 26-year-old who has served as a DJ for over ten years, but has since tried his hand at crafting his own songs. Using samples, crushing synths, and frantic beats, “Metro-Gnome” is a bona fide dance floor hit that is sure to keep bodies in a steady state of movement and rhythm. The clarity of the production leaves a bit to be desired, sounding too distorted and muddy to glide through speakers as cleanly as it deserves to, but this Prodigy-inspired track is still a competent display of a professional ear for aggressive melodies both danceable and headbang-worthy.

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