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“Telescope” – Danielle Starz

“Telescope” – Danielle Starz

Danielle Starz is truly an up and coming pop star and her single Telescope proves just that. What is immediately striking about the track is the high-quality production of the tune. A good song is easily ruined by sloppy production that has the instrumentalists overpowering the vocalist. This track treads this delicate line perfectly. The production seamlessly captures the vibrant vocal piece of Danielle Starz that can be felt through the audio alone.

Starz’s vocal performance on this track is phenomenal. The piece highlights her large vocal range and showcases the best of her voice. The bright tone of her vocals gives off a sense of optimism that leaves any listener feeling hopeful that the stars really will know the love she so impressively sings about. Danielle’s honest vocals are an energizing presence in Telescope as her rich tones cascade over the strong, well-shaped melody.

The instrumental accompaniments in the song sincerely aid Danielle’s stunning vocal performance. The piano stood out amongst the accompanying instruments with its beautiful tone that added a whimsical feeling to the piece that when coordinated with lyrics such as, “what am I supposed to do about the way we flip, how am I supposed to feel when all I do is wish,” helps capture the songs overall graceful and tender rhythm. Another instrument that truly stood out and helped make the track even more distinctive was the performance of the harp which added to the mellow melody. The one detractor in the accompaniment was the drums that at times had a wet quality that almost overwhelmed the piano diminishing the playful feel that makes the song feel so exceptional.

Lyrically, Telescope impresses with original and quirky lyrics like, “I bought this telescope hoping it brings me close hoping the stars will know,” that, when paired with the mesmerizing melody of the song, makes this track a memorable one.

Starz’s EP is set to drop this summer and it is sure to include more tracks that will appeal to the romantics at heart. Telescope shows that Danielle Starz is definitely one to watch out for on the pop charts.

Bio: Danielle Starz is a 20-year-old pop singer-songwriter based in Boston who has a passion for producing music. Influenced by indie, acoustic pop, and country, she loves to share stories through her music. She is currently studying at The Berklee College of Music working on creating her EP.


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