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This song is from TERRACOTTA Band , a R&B/Soul / Indie / POP act of four young men from Bangkok, Thailand. It features well arranged vocals and accompanying music. It also features a very relaxed and reassuring tone and vibe overall. This makes it very easy to listen to more than once during one listening session, not to mention that it will likely become a classic slow dance tune as well. Without a doubt, couples are filling up dance floors in order to join in with the smooth, swaying vibe of this song.

The intimate and reassuring tone of the lead vocalist, Valentine, surely melts hearts around the world (the video for this song has been viewed 9 million times!!)…they seem to be saying–phonetically anyway because I did not get them translated–“No worries…you can trust me, I will be here with you…” There is a female backgound vocalist as well, and her very soft accompaniment is nicely arranged, lightly interwoven with the male lead on occasion during the verse and always present in the chorus with good effect.

I like the understated saxophone accompaniment, …just the right mix for this song. I feel the same about the female background vocals,…so eloquently assembled and deployed. I imagine that the teenage (and older, I am sure) girl fans of this band must go absolutely wild when they hear this new release.Musically, this is solid professional work from conception all the way through the grueling process of becoming a great song – the writing, practicing, recording, arranging, mixing, and production are very well coordinated and executed.

TERRACOTTA Band’s “Chemical” is a phenomena of a love song. I am certain the video will reach 10 million views very soon. The band features Valentine (vocal) , PapaBIG (guitar) , Mukmik (percussion) , and Pinzy (Trumpet) They deliver a sound performance for the recording. And the band is clearly supported by quite solid, professional musicianship, and technical help from their label, Blue Rhythm records.

Try listening to it, if you have not already – after one listen you will be “hooked!”

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