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The Belladonna Cure

fotoflexer_photologoredfotoflexer_photologoredThe Belladonna Cure, based in Austin Texas has jumped onto the scene with a running start, producing music that is heavily rooted in “Dance.” I can’t say that this group of artists has re-invented the sound of dance music, but I can confidently say that the efforts put forth are redefining dance music and helping them to carve their own niche style.

We reviewed 2 tracks by Belladonna Cure, the first was “Judas Baby 333 – Radio Edit (Lady Gaga/Deadmau5/Belladonna Cure)” and “Ghost of a Dead5ymphony (Deadmau5/Tek One/Belladonna Cure Remix)” It’s a given that each track brings an enormous amount of energy.

Ghost of a Dead 5ymphony is a remix that blends traces of 2 primary tracks “Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5” and “Broken String by Tek One”. The quality of the mix is high and the blends are on point. The one thing I like is that this track is clearly a remix, but it doesn’t stray excessively far from the origin. Some producers and DJ’s tend to go on a rampage and completely deface the original sound, but Belladonna Cure give this track a classy subtle artistic touch. I would have loved to have heard a few more break downs and variation of effects, but, there isn’t much more to say than that.  It’s a solid remix that seems to be highly favored among the many others.

Judas Baby 333 once again takes the power of a strong track that is blended with tracks of lesser strength in order to reinforce the collaborative feel. Belladonna Cure really focuses on the energy of the tracks in order to be impactful to a listening audience. Judas Baby 333 is another track that seems to be mixed with precision and it also keeps the core sound fairly intact.  It seems as though Belladonna Cure has found a way to add to the overall experience of sound while leaving key essentials intact. Each track has been mixed and re-mastered.

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The quality of the mix and mastering speaks for itself; Belladonna Cure is a group of talented artists that will continue to be sought out. Each remix has an associated video that can be found at With the capabilities to provide a live sight and sound show, 2012 and beyond will be great times for the group.

Read more about this production team here:

The Belladonna Cure is a digital audio project started in S. Austin Tx. Consisting of a ‘multi-creative’ artist and a uniquely talented Sound/Production team, including the Audio Tech crew at Wanna Run Productions.  Still in its early stages of development, The Belladonna Cure is growing rapidly and creating quite a buzz…

In a recent interview they were asked the usual question “Why the ‘mystery’ behind the members of The Belladonna Cure? Why aren’t any names mentioned”  The Belladonna Cure replied simply. “There’s no mystery, we have nothing to hide…we are about the music…it’s irrelevant who we are. The music stands for itself…” and then stated with a chuckle, “and to be honest, if someone really wanted to know who we were, it wouldn’t be difficult to find out.”

Plans for 2012: The Belladonna Cure has already expanded on its creativity, with 6 videos (available on YouTube) and is currently in the process of developing a ‘live’ show of amazing ‘sight and sound’ expecting to hit 6th St. by late summer. Stay Tuned ~ BDC

Find The Belladonna Cure and Wanna Run Productions!/BelladonnaCure

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