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The Crack Factory “Layers” and “By My Side”

The Crack Factory “Layers” and “By My Side”

Hip hop music - The Crack FactoryHip hop music - The Crack Factory

I must say that I am lucky to have been able to do this review, if I hadn’t I might have let Crack Factory slip through the cracks, no pun intended. Here is someone with obvious talent that has a great ear for putting some really nice songs together. Not only does The Crack Factory have a ton of beats but,  his  official website has a page for hip hop music / Free Beats! I recommend any of you inspiring emcee’s that have lyrics but no beats to hang them on, check this kid out.

“Layers” begins with a crescendo into this melodic sample that’s accompanied by a heavy kick and snare. I immediately got the vision of two emcees in heated battle on a stage going back and forth. The track instantly hits home and I had no problem listening to the entire track nodding my head in the process. Very good use of drum breaks and drops, without overusing the traditionally drops at the end of every eight bars.

“By My Side” I really got into, this instrumental is worthy of the best lyricist in the game. You would have to be a pretty weak rappers to not have this beat carry you. The female vocal sample provides for an instant hook for those who can’t conjure up their own and the drum pattern is right on. Crack Factory put everything together properly on this one. The track sounds level and all the instruments and samples really blend well into a toxic mesh.

Hip Hop Music

The only criticism would be that Crack Factory might give someone the wrong idea about your music. I admit my initial response was not favorable simple by your name. You might be unnecessarily making marketing difficult for yourself. I also noticed that basic information about the artist was hard to find. I was unsure if Crack Factory was one person or a group (turns out just one person), where he was from, or any credentials. If you are going to go by Crack Factory then this information should be easily accessible.

Before I did this review I checked out Crack Factory’s official website then put on “Layers”, which is the first instrumental on , while I washed the dishes. I figured I would listen to the song while loading the dish washer. Before I knew it I had the entire kitchen clean and listened to 12 songs by Crack Factory without skipping a beat. 8 out of 10 I say, I am already following him I suggest you do the same.



Twitter: @TheCrackFactory


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