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The Drive Produced by Rich Soul

The Drive Produced by Rich Soul

Rich Sound… Rich Flavor… Rich Soul.

Richard Sofia aka Rich Soul from Port Elizabeth, on the east coast of sunny South Africa, has begun to spark the house and techno world with his own unique style of production. From sultry vocal drops to pounding kick drums, his production is smooth and solid. The production quality sounds seasoned. It’s not hard to distinguish a beginner producer from one who has spent some time crafting his sound.

I will place Rich Sound among the ranks of the some of the best house producers around. Each track I listened too, possessed a remarkable amount of energy, while still staying true to house music. Rich Soul describes his music as house and techno, but I have to tag an extra definition in there by declaring his style to cross deep into the boundaries of “Soulful House” music.

Rich Soul as a producer is on to a bright future. His tracks are good and his remix skills are of no lesser value.

The Drive
One of my favorite tracks by Rich Soul is “The Drive.” This track definitely gets the blood pumping. It sounds like the perfect mix of house, techno, melodic atmospheres and fusion. This track is a potent neck snapper! This track made me move and if I was actually driving a car, I would be moving even more, if you get my “drift.” This track has cross platform capabilities such as club, radio, and movie soundtrack. I’d like to hear more signature tracks with this combination.

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A few other tracks by Rich Soul, that I enjoyed very much, include:

Soweto on Sea
The Super Flu
It’s all Good
Shaun Saker- Our Escape (Rich Soul’s fugitive mix)

Read more about Rich Soul and how he entered into the world of music and production.

My love for electronic music does not have a particular timeline. However I have been obsessed with this art form for approximately 3 – 4 years. I can safely say my passion began when I first witnessed a friend of mine using Reason 3, to make hip hop instrumentals. Ever since then I have embarked on a relentless journey to learn and to acquire as much valuable experience and information as possible.

Since I began producing I have released a few EP’s namely on juno, beatport and traxsource to name a few. I have been blessed with that regard considering I still have a lot to learn on this journey of mine.

My favorite genres include Tech. Deep, Minimal, Funky as well as Electro house. My favored style for producing basically can range between deep house and tech house. My favorite artists, most of them come from South Africa and they include the likes of Kyle Watson, Lady Lea, Mark stent and Roger Goode just to name a few. Internationally I favor artists like Morgan Page, Inpetto, Avici, Mord Fustang, John Dahlback, Format B, Stimming, Stimpack and Deadmau5 of course.

Throughout the years music as we know it has transformed itself and reinvented itself in ways which were previously thought impossible. Genres and certain styles have fused together to create masterpieces, and it’s through these creative collaborations that I have fuelled my own passion and desire for production and electronic music. Rich Sound… Rich Flavor… Rich Soul.

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