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The Lockhearts – “Freakshow”

The Lockhearts – “Freakshow”

LockheartsLockheartsThe Lockhearts use a simple phrase as their mission statement: “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” This track certainly accomplishes that motive aggressively. Drawing from American alternative rock influences, The Lockhearts make sure to press every second of “Freakshow” with undying energy for all head-bobbers to enjoy.

This is a song you can judge by its intro. If you’re not immediately into it by the five-second mark, this song isn’t for you. If you are hooked at that point, you’re in for a ride. This band’s character comes from its hard-hitting instruments. You can hear the drums being beat to a pulse, a bold bass line, and heavy guitar distortion. Added on top of these instruments is Tim Meaco’s shrill and militant voice: screaming at his audience with demands to get weird. During the chorus, there are even some background synths to give the track more of a modern flare.

This song features all of the hooks and staples of…whatever the current-day equivalent to a hairband is. From the fist-pumping beats to the erratic guitar solo, this is a straight rock song for people who want to lose it. This isn’t a band trying to unfold great art or show you something new. They’re just trying to rock out. If you’re someone who just wants to rock out too, this band is for you.

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Colourful, young modern rock up-and-comers The Lockhearts have defied  the odds and turned their 4-week Oxford St Sydney residency into  12-months and counting.Formed in Sydney in 2012 and led by vocalist Tim Meaco, The Lockhearts  boast a “don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus”, melody driven approach to  modern rock. Sounding somewhere between Queen and The Black Keys, The Lockhearts’  debut video “FREAKSHOW” has already proven to be a smash hit with the  MTV audience, peaking at number 2 on MTV Hits.



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