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The Lost Poet’s “Ode to K” has stylistic potential [Grunge Rock]

The Lost Poet’s “Ode to K” has stylistic potential [Grunge Rock]

Insubordia CD CoverInsubordia CD CoverGrunge rock hasn’t really kept relevancy like other past scenes. However, its underground culture is still alive and continues to fascinate contemporary artists both in and out of the genre’s United States birthplace. Although “Sweden” and “grunge” are two terms that don’t usually match up, Stockholm-based band The Lost Poets graze through the 90’s Seattle sound in their new song “Ode to K”.

Although I’m pinning The Lost Poets to one genre pretty quickly, it is worth noting that they cite many different rock artists as primary influences. As a matter of fact, the only real grunge artist they cite is Soundgarden. However, their style seeps into The Lost Poets’ music tenfold the amount that any other non-grunge artist does. I mostly hear it in the sludgy, heavily equalized guitar tone. On top of this, the tempo is slow, the lyrics are introspective, and the singer David Rosengren is definitely channeling Scott Weiland.

The Lost Poets take pride in their music’s “unusual turns.” However, I feel like the core of their music isn’t that unusual. They do have an unexpected interlude later on, but it doesn’t transcend the music. This section almost seems like it was thrown in just to have “an unusual turn.” However, if they focused their writing attention to those creative parts, it could become a unique base for their sound. The Lost Poets has great stylistic potential. They just need to find it.


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The Lost Poets consists of David Rosengren (Vocals, guitar) and Petter Ossian Strömberg (drums, bass). Based in Stockholm, Sweden, The Lost Poets have played all the best local venues such as Debaser, Berns and O-Baren and they’re now getting their music heard outside of their borders. The Lost Poet’s music is defined by a confidently heavy and dark approach, along with David’s soulful vocals and Petter’s unique drum techniques. Their debut EP ”Insubordia” ranges from soft and acoustic to heavy and bombastic.

Taking influence from Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, The Raconteurs, Soundgarden and Nick Cave, The Lost Poets’ signum is in taking unusual turns and asks you to expect the unexpected. “Insubordia”‘s lead single and music video is “Ode To K”. About the song, vocalist/guitarist David Rosengren says “Ode to K” was one of those songs that just came out of nowhere. It’s essentially about a man selling his soul to the devil and how his life was before and after he died. It’s also an homage to the love of his life for trying to help him. It’s all very suggestive and the inspiration, as always, comes from my own life in a twisted sort of way.”


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