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The Music of UNA – The Laughing Man EP

The Music of UNA – The Laughing Man EP

The Music of Una is more than the average mundane story telling / music compositional mesh. If you want to know what James Bond would sound like in a musical notation sense, with some added flair, then take a listen.

UNA is a LA-based trio that summons the midnight chill-out dirge of Portishead with the spice of Latin jazz-fusion which form a unique concoction of music greatness.

The tri-unit of Una consists of the sultry soulful singer, Jennifer Nice; The gifted writer and producer Richard Larsen, and the international DJ, Eddie Barajas. Combined, these three incorporate a wide array of lush instrumentals, lounge music, fusion pop and movie-like sound treatments, that take you on a exciting musical roller-coaster ride. Most of the EP has an “operausque” flow with precisely planted sound and instrumentation and at other times, the electronic pop/jazz fusion side shines through vigorously. The Laughing Man demands your attention and holds it quite well. The production is darn near flawless as well as, Jennifer’s voice really shines as her vocal range seems to have no limits.

We are the Lonely

This track speaks for itself.  Listen for yourself, it’s one of the best tracks on the EP.

The Myth

The Myth is also another favorite track, primarily because it sounds almost like a revolutionary theme. The production is pure perfection, so thank you Mr. Larsen, for keeping it lively and filled with emotional risk. Each track is a story of its own, but if you listen closely, the depth of lyrical composition and it’s execution are trademarks of experience.

Out of The Dark

It’s after hours at the club. The lights are dimmed to a low haze, and the haze of the cigarette smoke is like a thick cloud hovering above the empty glasses and burnt-out night owls. Spirits are mellowing out and eyes are beginning to shut. Then the DJ lets loose a gentle groove—a ghost of the past with an angel of the future. Heads are throbbing and muscles are weak, but the beat is soft nourishment for the soul.

Singer Jennifer Nice’s lounge singer aura is speckled with an enigmatic noir, amplifying “Out of the Dark” with a backroom flair. Her primary weaponry consist of a dynamic and sharp exhale of sweet sound that echoes back to the Goldmember theme and a controlled falsetto that sets the tone while maintaining an enthralling sweep. Instrumentalists Richard Larsen and Eddie Barajas take the feel-good theatrics of South American melodies and splice them with the outer space fall of trip-hop and down tempo atmospherics. “Out of the Dark” is seductive yet unassuming, danceable yet soothing.

The sampling at the beginning and end are a little too jarring to serve as bookends for the track, considering its deep blue allure. But the material in-between is a much-needed breath of life into the sleepy realms of trip-hop, bringing with it a taste of other compositional worlds. UNA is no laughing matter.

Una has set out to do something different with music and I believe their success will continue to always be. Although some will compare their general style to Portishead, they are quite unique and definitely have a style that is set apart from others. I would love to check out the live performance, and of course, expect to be fully immersed and stimulated. UNA, trendsetters with smooth class.

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The Laughing Man EP  features new instruments, vocal clusters, and bold breaking beats. One thing they have not lost, the love of melody and lyric, keeping stride with the intent of the song.

The Laughing Man EP will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp.


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