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The Musician Francesco D’Angelo Becomes Famous with his Percussion Instruments Ringing at Home

(PRWEB) July 13, 2005

Now we speak with the Artist. Who are you? What do you do? In other words, tell us about yourself.

I have had many journeys in Brazil, and in Africa, to know the local and musical traditions of these countries, from always I have been thrilled of-Brazilian Afro musics, already from child I owned some musical instruments. I am an autodidact, however I have improved and become famous thanks to journeys I made to Brazil and to Africa. In Brazil I have known several musicians who taught me the local rhythms imported by the African slaves in that country.

In these countries there are many different kinds of musical tools. I always devote myself to the principal tools which are the Djembe and the Conga but I use others, such as Cabasa, Bombo, Surdo etc.

Thanks to my computer and to the Internet my music is much listened, I have been several times first in the Vitaminic and ratings and my music has been downloaded often. No so long ago, I discovered the site and have published my musical Cd through their site.

This is the interesting history of an artist who thanks to the Internet has listened, on several occasions, to new music and continued in the study of percussion, in order to progress. I also wanted to satisfy the numerous fans who followed my career for years.

For sale at the site you can find his Cd Cafè do Brasil. It’s a wild mélange of Afro-Brazilian percussions

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