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The Real 2 Four – Live It Up

The Real 2 Four – Live It Up

2fourpic2fourpicOf all musicians, rappers are most often defined by their city. Whether it’s lyrics about L.A. neighborhoods or musical production reminiscent of the Chicago sound, geography plays a huge part in most rappers’ work. 2Four hails from Nashville, one of the most celebrated music cities in the world. However, Nashville’s fame doesn’t come from its rap scene. So what can you expect from a musician so against the grain his music city’s fame? Simple answer: You can expect something against the grain.

Although you may not envision 2Four’s music coming from the same streets as the great country and rock legends, let’s not forget that Nashville is a party city. Now, if we concentrate on Nashville as a party city and listen to “Live It Up”, it makes perfect sense that 2Four comes from there.

“Live It Up” is a hyperactive rage track. The vocal samples immediately establish that this song is going to be club-friendly. However, when 2Four’s verses come in, the bass decreases and the song spaces out. It turns into a mid-2000’s single that could have come from a T.I. album. However, the switch doesn’t feel outdated (like I would say about most people who remind me of T.I.). The framework is familiar, but the sound is dressed differently. Add this with 2Four’s playful lyrics about just being drunk (and calling a woman Megatron, “because she catches when I throw deep”) only reinforces this feel.

2Four’s biographic section explains that his style might be comparable to other big-name rappers. However, he doesn’t wish to be pigeon-holed by a genre. After listening to 2Four’s full mixtape, Fast Lane, I think it’s worth noting that his style already varies greatly. My only advice for 2Four is to keep up what he’s doing. Stay creative, stay curious, and keep us posted. 


Nashville native 2Four is a creative, versatile, lyrical hip hop artist who creates thoughtful rap songs. An up-and-coming artist who is similiar to Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, B.o.B and Drake, but with his own style and personality. His mixtape Fast Lane is a mix of various beats from multiple genres and styles with creative, thought-provoking, headbobbing, lyrical content that will take him to the next level.



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