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The Root Project – “Caos”

The Root Project – “Caos”

It’s a rave track gone wild—moody, pulsating, and eerie, with the keyboards given a distorted edge to add discomfort and style. Rafael Marsilli, an 18-year-old electro producer from Brazil, has given his “Root Project” birth with enthusiasm for house and electro house music. The hushed echoes of the beats are a spacious platform for the singular abrasive synth line that looms deeply in rough bass territory.

Drawing influence from house artists like Sebastian Ingrosso and Nicky Romero, the stripped-down nature of the track “Caos” makes it primal and lustful—a minimal electronic assault that numbs the senses, lulls the mind, and makes the body thrust and move. Shrill distortions of effects spice the middle of “Caos” up before it calms down to the regularly scheduled synth riff. Bordering on abrasive, this dance floor number calls for deep red lights and some wildly physical dance moves.

The fizzing out of the track near the end is abrupt, however, and rather unwelcome. This dismal humming of a thumping chord is jarring and concludes the track on a rather unsatisfactory note. It wants to belong at the beginning of the song or as a different entity altogether. Either way, this puzzling outro is sure to leave a few club goers scratching their heads.

Despite that drawback, Marsilli’s enthusiasm for the repetitive yet addictive indulgences of house music are obvious in “Caos,” and it is sure to make the body move.


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