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There Is No Turning Back Prod. By Riley Weller

gratuitous-working-in-studio-2gratuitous-working-in-studio-2Meet Riley Weller aka GratuiTous, a new Holy Hip Hop artist that has stepped upon the scene and plans to bring the word of God through music and rhyme.  His music is a testimony of his life and a book of experiences.

The track “There is No Turning back” has a theatrical mellow drama sounds cape running along side of the vocals. The track in general has a professional sound as well as the recording of the vocals. I would have loved to hear a switch up in the audio, even though a consistent tone in the audio track is fairly common for all forms of hip hop.

I support the mission and also believe that Riley’s sound will grow and his skills will become seasoned over time. The energy is there, the message is there, now it just needs to soak deep within. It won’t be long before his rhythmic flow will get tighter and the music will glow.

I have no gripes, since the production itself is pretty good….but people submit because they want the good and bad. So, if I had to nit pick, it would be to sharpen the flow. Other than that the sound and quality is there.

Some would say, what do I know… not much, but I was actually in a holy hip hop group for 7 years, so I understand where Mr. Weller is coming from. Big ups Riley, keep it moving.

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GratuiTous (Riley Weller), the owner of his website, and his own record label, “Stay Pure Records” has learned and produced this album by himself. He gives all the Glory to God behind his work, music, life style, and strives to teach people he meets about the truth of the Bible and to destroy all the little “white lies” that were created by man.

GratuiTous is from Canada, Kelowna B.C. creating spiritually uplifting music. Starting in 2009 he was introduced how music was actually created on a computer and took off from there. He definitely does not have a “style of music” per se, but loves to create original, catchy, and uplifting music that teaches about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. GratuiTous believes that music is “the most powerful tool to teach.”

With being an artist, it is very easy to not “Practice what you preach”, so GratuiTous continually asks the Lord to help him, “Practice what he preaches.” He tries to share with everyone that we are just sinners that God has forgiven through Jesus if we are willing to accept His offer of forgiveness.

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Twitter: @ItsGratuiTous

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