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“Thoughts and Feelings” by producer Years From Now [EDM,Jazz,Hip-Hop]

“Thoughts and Feelings” by producer Years From Now [EDM,Jazz,Hip-Hop]

Thoughts and Feelings by producer Years From Now is an ambient track that features an undeniable opulent quality. The most outstanding characteristic of this tune is sincerely the piano. The gentle resonance of the keys really gives the track that jazzy, melodic feel. The way the soft timbre of the piano compliments the loud reverberation of the drums creates harmony for the track that helps give it a perfect balance. The instrumental accompaniments on this track were truly engaging and really helped distinguish Years From Now’s style of music from others. Thoughts and Feelings really incorporates aspects of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Electronica into one fluid tune that creates a genre distinctive to Years From Now alone.

Another striking aspect of the track is the high-quality production. The instrumentals were recorded in a way that really melded the instruments together while still complimenting each individual instrument’s best feature. The track skillfully avoids the often overly shrill instrumentation that more poorly recorded tracks have. The song almost has a healing nature to it as the relaxing sensation created by the rhythm slows your heart rate and breathing almost willing you into a meditative state.

The biggest struggle Years From Now has with this specific track is the overly repetitive nature of the melody. The little to no variation of the different sections of the song causes a monotonous feeling for listeners which leads to a sense of boredom after the first minute. There are moments of buildup in the song where the music dies down and you expect it to come back and merge into a new tune only to have it return back with the same melody that was displayed prior to the buildup. This could be avoided by varying the melody of the track in different sections.

Although the melody could use improvements, you have to credit Years From Now for the impressive rhythm of the song. The rhythmic effects are subtle, but strong which helps make the track more soulful and soothing. Years From Now’s album Jazz Hands Vo. 2 [Mastered] dropped on May 19th and listeners are sure to find comfort in the calming, tranquil vibes his tracks showcase.


Bio: Years From Now is an emerging London Based Producer whose signature mix of acoustic and electronic elements creates a fresh new blend between Jazz, Hip-Hop and EDM.


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