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Tia Ferrera – Ladies Night

Tia Ferrera – Ladies Night

“So here I am… embarking on my life’s journey… my dream… musician, singer, recording artist… (Whatever title fits now) filled with love, hope, faith, mistakes, imperfections, let-downs, joy and everything else I’ve experienced while making my dream a reality… I’ve put it all in my songs…music is life…my story is in the lyrics.”

So says Tia Ferrera, a young soul singer with old-school R&B tangs and flares, risking it all to keep the candle of her passion for music alive in in the merciless winds and horizontal rains of the music industry reality. And she is off to a strong start with her first single from her upcoming debut album It’s Complicated, “Ladies Night,” a glittering nightlife extravaganza of booming beats, stylish synths, and lyrics calling for painting the town red with good vibes all around. It keeps the blood flowing with a steady, relaxed pulse and a knack for gentle melodies.

With a sound influenced by R&B greats such as Tamia, Amerie, and Aaliyah, Ferrera’s voice is the real highlight here—an acrobatic smorgasbord of clean, soulful falsettos that reach angelic heights, but with enough attitude and earthy grace to keep it all rooted in friendly, relatable atmosphere. The interplay of vocals keeps “Ladies night” interactive and an irresistible sing-along that lights up every dance floor and bar on a Saturday night.

One of the most desired presentations from Tia is her genuine personality and the ability to present her heart and passion through the music. When it’s real, people will recognize and applaud true effort. I applaud Tia for being down to earth and in the right stream of giving fans what they want most, someone who they can identify with.

Tia already displays greatness and is bound to exceed beyond foolish doubt. A voice of this caliber is sure to break a few sound barriers and etch the sky with a R&B-flavored kiss.  

Look out for the Audio Interview to be posted soon!

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