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It doesn’t matter what language you speak, rock is universal. If you travel the world, you won’t have to search hard for someone who also speaks rock. The next time you find yourself in Belgrade, Serbia look up Vladimir Bizic (Ripkid). He speaks rock, and he can speak it well! Bizic is the genius behind the band TONGUE. He provides the guitars, vocals, music and lyrics for the band.

TONGUE has recently released their EP, “Who Fired the Workers of the Happiness Factory?” This EP is the first of a trilogy series entitled, “A Night You’ll Never Remember”, with the remaining two to be released shortly.

With an awesome name like “Who Fired the Workers of the Happiness Factory?” how could this EP be anything but incredible?! WFTWOTHF, is made up of 3 hardcore punk, stoner rock, grungy, metal filled tracks! Each track is about five minutes long with nonstop heavy instrumentals. Most of the time lyrics take center stage and the music takes a back seat, but not this time! TONGUE’s instrumentals are the heart of their songs, and their lyrics are the blood pumping through its veins. Even though the lyrics are not the heart of their songs that does not mean that they are any less meaningful. Their lyrics speak of turmoil and despair, giving life to our deepest darkest thoughts. TONGUE has a vision for their music, and that vision is portrayed in their songs.


WFTWOTHF is just the start of what we can expect from TONGUE. Download the EP for free here. They are currently looking for a label to sign to, but as good as they are I’m guessing that won’t be for much longer.

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