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TRANS4MERS The Finished Article Mix 2012.


 trans4merstrans4mersTRANS4MERS made up of  Scott Eastman ( Dj Form)

 David Beattie  (Dj Hilite)

These two Shropshire lads joined forces in 2004 and have never looked back gaining more bookings every year with a hectic 2011 with gigs across the UK and to say they will be busy in 2012 is a understatement .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Best known as 2 dj’s  4 decks and fx  Trans4mers  know exactly how to put together  a unique set mixing their own tracks and remixes into their sets .which has paid off taking them to legendry event’s such as Fantazia,Euphoria and Planet breaks to name a few.

Recently they have been playing some of the most talked about jungle sets , combining scratching and sample fx into what many a dj would consider  has a already well rehearsed  and polished set .at the delight of club goers and radio listeners  across the uk and the world .

With this in mind i took the opportunity  to ask Trans4mers if they would come and play a old school bboy set at  New Urban ERA’s  urban arts festival this summer  on the 21 july .

 David says   “we would love to come and play on the 21 july and drop some old school hip hop and bboy mash up mixes.  Were enjoying playing at the “jungle raves “across the UK at the moment but we still love playing our back catalogue so count us in “

So with that in the bag ill get on with the review

Apart  from playing New urban era’s main event this summer Tran4mers are also booked to perform at 2 steps beyond 7th july 2012 at donnington  park in the UK  hosted by the legendry Fantazia  with a capacity of 10.000 its sure to be there highlight of the year . Then Euphoria in Birmingham 18th August will be a must  event

But if you cannot wait till the summer well fear not check out Trans4mers latest mix on soundcloud  today



From the start of this mix TRANS4MERS use their own style’s and put the sampler in full effect to introduce you to a journey full of delights.

With a new school jungle vibe mixed with classic old school sound’s it becomes pure excellence when they drop on to some old hip hop vocals and you realise Trans4mers are not your average dj set up with some top samples and Scratching designed to show their live remixes of classic tunes with a modern and forward thinking dance floor twist.


4 Technic]s 1210’s. 1 Vestax PMC-08Pro mixer 1 Vestax PMC-05Pro mixer. 2 Serato systems powered by 2 Macs. and Roland SP-404 Sampler

 [soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /] TRACK LIST

  War Hammer Intro
By Trans4mers Vs John Hurt
1 This Year’s Champion By 601
2 Erics Fix By Rennie Pilgrim
3 MindscapeBuy By Racknruin
4 Spell Bound By Ways N Means
5 Headrush By Bill Vega
6 Devils Altar – Trans4mers Remix By Insa
7 3rd Generation – Trans4mers 007 Remix By Slipmat & Ragga Twins
8 Over YouBuy By The Freestylers
9 Scaramanger Skitt By Trans4mers
10 Terrodome By Ray Kieth
11 The Chopper By Ray Kieth
12 The Soldier By Ray Keith

13 Sing Time By Ray Keith
14 Zombie Radio Skitt By Trans4mers
15 Ghost Town By Ed Solo & Deekline
16 Its The Way – Trans4mers Remix By Taktix
17 Special Dedication By Dj Nut Nut

by Vic b 


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