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“Untold” by Slumberlords (EDM,Funk)

“Untold” by Slumberlords (EDM,Funk)

“Untold” by Slumberlords is an interesting track that brings the upbeat ambient sound of EDM together with a splash of the distinctive groove only funk can provide. This makes for a unique listening experience that truly showcases Slumberlords talent. The introduction of “Untold” is atmospheric with the blended funk elements bringing a sense of nostalgia to the track. The introduction naturally leads you into the song. After the intro, the song almost has a mysterious vibe. It feels like the tune is taking you on a journey but the destination is unknown. You keep listening waiting to arrive at your destination, but it never comes. This draws listeners into Slumberlords musical grasp and leaves you wanting to hear more.

The melody of “Untold” is catchy. The repeating elements pull you in and leave you feeling invigorated with the movement of the track. This melody is absolutely essential for the tune. With EDM, if you can’t feel the movement, it’s not a good track. The movement is what gets everyone on their feet and why “Untold” has great potential to become a club essential. The track is electric and the flow is undeniable.

The first part of EDM is electronic and to achieve the desired sound, artists have to use many different digital effects on the track. That being said, overuse and misuse are a common mistake found in this particular genre. Slumberlords manages to toe the line perfectly. Not too much, but not too little. This is just one of the many ways Slumberlords shows that they have a knack for producing EDM music. 

The production quality of “Untold” is phenomenal. The EDM genre is often filled with tracks that lack a strong foundation when it comes to production and recording quality. Slumberlords shows that they have experience when it comes to creating quality music. This unquestionably sets Slumberlords apart from other musical competitors. 

Overall, “Untold” by Slumberlords shows how talented they are when it comes to EDM. Their expertise shines through in every aspect of the track particularly in the way they distinguish themselves from a sea of competitors with the inclusion of funk features. We give Slumberlords a thumbs up on originality and for taking a daring approch.  

Slumberlords is an Australian music producer based in London, he is taking his multi-faceted style to the next level. He combines minimal sound with elements from various genres to create a distinctive style of his own, which ranges from emotional, to sensual to dramatic and euphoric.

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