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W.L.A.K. – “Cyphr (Imagine)

W.L.A.K. – “Cyphr (Imagine)

W.L.A.K. – “Cyphr (Imagine)”
feat. Dre Murray, Alex Faith, Christon Gray and Swoope
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Blessed Voices, generous gifts, a mesh of talent and the essence of a great spirit.

It begins with the subtle flow of somber piano chords that faded in and out, and then a dreary but beautiful falsetto shimmers across a landscape somewhere between bleak and triumphant. Then the march of cellos and violins kick in with the echoing of a distant but enormous drumbeat. Within a minute, “Cyphr (Imagine)” crescendos to reveal its nature as a passionate rap across a melodic beat and lush synthpop synthesizers.

W.L.A.K. (We Live as Kings) have created something beyond predictable hip-hop or rap in “Cyphr (Imagine”)—this is a full-on orchestral piece that swells, swoons, and hushes. The backbeat supports competent jazz piano dabbling and delicate symphonic elements that create urgent, empowering interludes. This is hip-hop with a healthy dose of drama and fire that is extinct in today’s mainstream cookie-cutter formula.

The clash between inspiring lyrics and solemn musical atmosphere creates a commanding aura. “Cyphr (Imagine)” does more than create hummable melodies—it is cinematic in nature, and the muffled march of the drumbeats and variety of vocal styles are arranged for that very purpose. The commands of the soundscapes keep the grandiosity and the solemnness in perfect alignment, navigating beneath the insistent and continuous fervor of the poetic rebellion against mediocrity and complacency.

Do they live as kings yet? Only time will tell, but with so much seamlessness etched in the rap, the rhymes, and the tight synthesis of musical styles, W.L.A.K. have lain out a foundation of exciting growth, ambition, and imagination.

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The “W.L.A.K.” album is available to pre-order at iTunes

Artist bios

Swoope – Allen Swoope born and raised in Akron, OH. He is no stranger to music, having a strong follow up to the “Zoo” with “Applause Vol 1.”, the single “Actions Speak Louder”, EP “Spring Fling”, and his critically acclaimed album “Wake Up” debuting at #5 iTunes Hip Hop/Rap section & #6 Gospel Album, #10 Christian Album, & #23 Rap Album on Billboard charts. Swoope is also a featured artist on Lecrae’s chart topping album “Gravity”, the over 300,000 downloads mix tape “Church Clothes” & the Stellar Award winning album “Rehab the Overdose”. Swoope is becoming a pillar in the music industry. Collision is excited about what is in store for Swoope as an artist and ambassador for the gospel.

Christon Gray – At age 25, Christon Gray is an artist truly ahead of his time. Musically gifted to write, sing, rap, produce and design, there are no limitations on his ability to reach every demographic. His sound is a premium blend of classical, jazz, gospel, soul, pop and even rap in a sophisticated manner. His inspirations range from Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Bill Withers, Earth Wind and Fire, to Donnie McClurkin, Marvin Winans, Lauryn Hill, The Roots and Alicia Keys. In 2006, he entered the Christian Rap genre writing, rapping, singing and producing for with the Christian rap group, Elevationists. While working on their first album, a large demand for their music became very apparent in the midwest region. The“Necessary” LP was released in May 2007. His debut solo album, entitled, “Even With Evil With Me”, released July 2011 and is available on iTunes. Christon is a featured artist on label mate Swoope’s critically acclaimed album “Wake Up” and featured on the widely received Lecrae mix tape“Church Clothes”. Collision is excited to have him as part of the family and to see what the Lord will do through him as an ambassador through music.

Alex Faith – Born and raised in East Atlanta’s historic Cabbage Town neighborhood, Alex is a southern bred, blue collar emcee. The term “breath of fresh air” has been used over and over again to describe a lot of stale music to get attention these days, but FINALLY the phrase has a rightful use when used to describe Alex’s music. Writing with his southern roots planted deeply into his love for hip-hop, Alex aims to capture casual listeners and music lovers alike with vivid imagery and raw honesty. Four years ago he crashed landed onto the scene being featured on Sho Baraka’s “Barakology” mixtape and has since been featured on the critically acclaimed“WLAK (We Live As Kings)” from Swoope’s Wake Up album as well as a guest spot on Wit & Dre Murray’s Hell’s Paradise 2. Now with high reviews from his latest mixtape Honest 2 God Alex is poised to capitalize on the success and acclaim he’s garnered from features with his own offering of music birthed in the south and raised on authenticity and gritty realism. While he holds his faith high, don’t expect to hear songs that are sermons and scripture recitations. Alex embraces his faith while still transparently rhyming about his struggles with belief, social issues, loved ones, poverty and more.

Dre Murray – Dre Murray’s story is a rap world tale that hits all the familiar touch points. He was raised by a single mother in the inner city, seduced by hip hop culture at a young age, and witnessed the incarceration of a close family member. While many in his position pursue rescue through wealth and fame achieved by athletics or a recording career (two avenues he did indeed attempt), Murray ultimately found salvation elsewhere. Such optimism is a running theme in his music, which otherwise deals with the gritty details of life through first-person and fictional narratives punctuated with witty wordplay. Although Dre Murray is no stranger to the mic (his first solo album, Manumit, was released in 2008), the Houston-born MC exponentially grew his audience a year later when he teamed with producer Wit for the Hell’s Paradise series. The success of those critically-acclaimed albums led to other high profile features for Dre on KJ-52′sDangerous album and Lecrae’s Don Cannon-hosted Church Clothes mixtape. He continues to improve his craft through participation in the nationally publicized South by Southwest (SXSW)music and industry conference festival and through frequent engagements at universities and colleges in his area.

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